How To Make Your Trip To Seoul A Memorable One

You’re about to unlock a permanent stash of core memories here.

Seoul is the perfect location for a young adult who wants endless things to do.

With the aim of scooping out memorable spots to make ‘Pinterest’ vision boards a reality, I documented every corner visited in Seoul. Most destinations were worth the hype, others not so much, but 5 were too enjoyable to keep secret.

The bulk of this post might cater towards an audience which utilises TikTok, has an interest in viral-worthy content, and are somewhat on a budgeting-streak, but there’s no age-limit on these finds.

How about a little teaser. You’ll find a small café where you can write letters to your future self, a caricature spot which sends doodles to your camera roll, and South Korea’s abandoned theme park for sensational photos. To name a few.

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Suggestions For Things To Do In Seoul As A Young Adult

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Hitting the sweet spot between insanely-high levels of fun without throwing coins recklessly isn’t the easiest of tasks. Especially when you’re in Seoul, and have a sudden urge to try anything/everything. Interestingly though, the featured suggestions barely put a dent in the bank account.

Having a memorable trip, regardless of where you go, is less about what you do, but more about how you feel.

That’s my takeaway from 8 years of frequent travel + the fuel for this post…

Nuldam Space Café – A Futuristic Concept Where Coffee Isn’t The Focus

24 Samcheong-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea.

Nuldam Space is somewhat of a TikTok sensation, after it was discovered you can write letters to the future here. Deliverable to an international address. For less than the price of a coffee.

This minimalistic café falls into the ‘fully vegan’ market, and does have appetising-looking baked goods, but eating isn’t the selling point. It’s the novelty of writing a letter to an unknown version of yourself (yet)!

The concept is a simple one. Select a template, pay the small fee (approx. £3), and head upstairs to write out your thoughts.

Once done, you’ll get a few balls of wax to seal the envelope. Word of advice though, hold the opening down before pouring so you don’t accidentally lock yourself out of your own letter!

The last step is selecting a date for arrival*, which corresponds with a specific box. Now you just have to cross your fingers that your postcard doesn’t get lost in transit.

*The assistant mentioned international shipping takes about 2 weeks.

Ssada Gimbab – A Fast-Food Restaurant Which Doesn’t Feel Like One

Multiple locations.

If you’re on the hunt for traditional, but cheap, Korean food, I’ve found a chain for you – Ssada Gimbab.

This food joint is an interesting one.

The service and atmosphere feels like fast-food, but you won’t hear of burgers or fries here. Instead, you’ll find delicious Korean dishes which feel like a home-cooked meal. Some favourites include ‘Tteokbokki’, ‘Kimchi fried rice’, and ‘Bibimbab’.

Now, I’m not suggesting ‘Ssada Gimbab’ will be the BEST Korean food you’ll ever find in Seoul, but it’s a solid introduction when on a backpacker budget. So much so, I was a regular when I needed something quick and comforting. The average tourist will appreciate something like this.

Just watch out for one thing when selecting which branch to visit – my post on 12 things to know before visiting Seoul mentions it. Go straight to point 3!

Ugly Project – The Souvenir Cooler Than A Fridge Magnet

58 Insadong-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea.

Caricatures seem to be unavoidable, wherever you travel. And they usually seem unappealing.

But Ugly Project is not your typical experience, making the spot an ideal one for young adults in Seoul.

To start, the session doesn’t feel ’embarrassing’. The interior set-up and artists are too cool for that.

The doodles are also cheaper than your standard tourist trap, significantly so.

For example, a black and white doodle will set you back 8000 WON (around 4.50£). However, an A5 print isn’t the only masterpiece you’ll be leaving with. The price includes a digital copy ‘air-dropped’ to your camera roll, and a live video drawing in time-lapse format. All it takes is 10-15 minutes of your time.

I went twice within a week – and both digital-painters were amazing. I’ll add a photo below so you can see the difference in styles.

Yongma Land – Seoul’s Abandoned Amusement Park

118 Mangu-ro 70-gil, Jungnang-gu, Seoul, South Korea.

As a young adult in Seoul, roaming around an abandoned amusement park bounced to the top of my ‘favourites’ list.

Despite closing to the public in 2011, Yongma Land is actually still open…

This ex-fairground has now turned into a non-conventional photography studio, welcoming of visitors ready to spend 10,000 WON to travel back to the 80’s.

Surprisingly, or perhaps unsurprisingly, Yongma Land isn’t easily found on search results when browsing ideas for how to spend your time in South Korea. However, I’ve completed a guide on things to know about Yongma Land, should you be tempted to check this hidden gem out.

Seoullo 7017 – This Viewpoint Is Magical

122-14 Bongnae-dong 2(i)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea.

Some things are better seen at night. Seoullo 7017 is one of them.

This open space genuinely provides one of the best free viewpoints in Seoul, given the highway location.

Seoul is a city which never seems to reach standstill, and this reputation trickles into the views you’ll observe from height. Cars bustling past, lights flashing in every direction, skyscrapers looming over passers-by, and the inevitable sound of horns make sensory overload seem pleasant.

In this moment of soaking up your surroundings, you’ll feel a tingle down your spin.

‘I’m really in Seoul’, or something along those lines, you’ll say.

And it’s going to feel sensational.

A Few More Spots For Young Adults In Seoul:

You’ll never be bored in Seoul, but if you’re on the lookout for more things to do, the below may help:

  • KKUN Fishing Café – Perhaps the name gives it away, but this won’t be your ordinary café experience. In fact, to call this find a café is generous. At KKUN, it’s all about the fishing – specifically, how many real fish you can catch. Your chance of winning prizes depends on it.
  • Common Ground – This shopping mall has the exterior of an industrial-sized container. The interior? Rows of streetwear.
  • Gangnam Style Statue – Yes, a real statue honouring ‘Gangnam style’ exists. You’ll find the modern landmark outside ‘COEX Mall’.

Before you head to the airport to catch the first flight to South Korea, can I tempt you with the ultimate travel experience in NYC?

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