WingFest Is The Coolest Festival You’ll See In 2024

Yes, this is a real festival!

WingFest 2024 is an entire festival dedicated to finding sensational chicken wings in the UK.

Combine a meat eater’s utopia with stalls to satisfy that ‘little something sweet’ craving, upcoming live music, and unusual entertainment like axe-throwing. The formula for a memorable few hours – and no, that’s not just because of the ultimate WingFest hat you’ll be given on arrival.

My first encounters with WingFest began last year. Wings were never on my radar prior to the event, but what followed was an almost-instant second booking for the Bristol tour, and a placeholder in my diary for 2024 tickets. This chicken wing newbie was well and truly converted.

That’s why I’m shouting from the rooftops that WingFest will be the coolest festival you’ll see in 2024. Unless you’re a vegetarian.

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What To Expect From WingFest – Here’s Everything You Need To Know For 2024:

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Disclaimer: All opinions are my own. There’s never any sugar-coating over here.

As mentioned above, up until recently, I was a total chicken wing novice.

In fact, people would perhaps be appalled to see how much ‘meat’ I leave on a wing, before sinking into a fresh piece.

That all changed at WingFest though.

Even the stand you’ve ranked lowest will be better than most wings you’ve probably tried elsewhere.

Where Can I Find WingFest In 2024?

This year, WingFest touches down in Derby, Sheffield, Manchester, Bristol, Norwich and London.

WingFest won’t be returning to Birmingham in 2024 though – which I hope is down to venue as last year’s spot in Digbeth was disappointing. Bristol, on the other hand, was perfectly situated.

How Much Are WingFest Tickets?

Prices are dependent on location, with London being the most expensive of the bunch.

Although, most locations settle at the £20 mark.

Sadly, unlimited chicken wings aren’t included with your entrance fee, but you will get a hat of choice from the merchandise stand*.

*See my picture above!

Okay So How Much Are The Actual Wings?

£1.25 per wing for all locations, except London. London wings are 1.50.

WingFest is card only, so looking at your bank balance the following morning might be a humbling experience. But it’s justified. Not everyone can say they’ve tried the juiciest chicken wings in the UK, after all.

What’s WingFest Like For Gluten-Free Diets?

Those with severe gluten allergies may go hungry at WingFest.

A considerable amount of wings were fried, were coated in gluten-containing marinade, or decorated with crispy toppings. A few food trucks featured gluten-free options, but these were limited.

WingFest have mentioned, in their FAQ’s for the event, that allergen-information will be available on the day.

Can I Bring Food With Me?

You can bring a bag, but won’t be able to sneak in food or drink.

Water bottles are an exception. There’s free refill stations available on site.

Is WingFest 2024 A Family-Friendly Vibe?

There’s a handful of sessions which are only 18+, but families are welcome.

I opted for Friday sessions in both Bristol and Birmingham last year, which were solely for adults, so I’m unable to do a comparison on what WingFest is like with children.

Things I Loved About WingFest:

  • Zero judgement. You’ll feel completely comfortable throwing burning questions to the traders. Even if it’s to ask the difference between a flat or a drum…
  • Portions were generous. These aren’t your standard bite-sized wings.
  • The atmosphere. Never underestimate the ability of food when forming friendly connections.
  • Live demonstrations are interactive. Presentations involve the audience just as much as they involve cooking. There’s no better method for letting food digest than watching 45 minutes of barbecue challenges.

+ The Things I Didn’t Rate That Much.

There weren’t any major downsides, but if I had to comment…

  • Voting becomes forgettable. The reality is, you’re going to misplace your voting card at some point during the event, or forget the names of trader stalls. Like many people, I was too focused on eating to pay attention.
  • It would be nice if there were gloves and wet wipes available. Buffalo sauce in your eye stings like a [Insert your cuss word of choice].

What I’d Do Differently For WingFest 2024:

  1. Unsurprisingly, my outfit on the first night of WingFest wasn’t compatible with food-baby bulge. I’m picking comfort over Instagram photos this year.
  2. While popularity is a good indication of which wings are worth trying first, trust your own judgement. It’s always the least aesthetic stands serving up the best wings, or so I found.
  3. Finally, I’d ditch breakfast. You’re setting yourself up for failure if you feel full within 30 minutes of being at WingFest.

Full Verdict + Concluding Thoughts:

If WingFest 2024 is anything like last year, you’ll be missing out if you don’t attend.

The encouragement when scoffing down wings in one bite, the sweet old sound of the grill sizzling away, and effortless interactions with traders are unmatched at this UK festival.

WingFest even made me feel like I had mentally transported to a foodie showdown in the US. That’s how cool this festival is.

Buckle up, it’s going to be a nostalgic summer.

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