Last-Minute Gift Ideas: The Best Virtual Travel Gifts

Left shopping too late? These virtual gifts ideas are perfect for the travel lover in your life.

It’s the season of panic, because you’ve left Christmas shopping last minute. Again. The good news? I’m basically acting like a little December angel, ready to help you out with a list of virtual gift ideas for travel lovers. The type of digital goods that your loved ones will actually want to receive. The best part? All these travel gifts can be sent within seconds to the recipient’s phone. You’ll find options for every age, carefully selected with every budget in mind.

Unique present ideas for less than £10? Something flashy for your favourite colleague? Inspiration for someone who doesn’t want to leave the sofa? This post covers all bases to make gifting for occasions as simple as possible, without minimising the enjoyment factor. Email notifications are about to get a whole lot more fun.

Disclaimer: Some of the headings have direct links to featured websites, but this isn’t a sponsored post. My only incentive is to make things easier for you.

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10 Virtual Gift Ideas For People Who Love Travel:

Alo Moves Fitness Membership Gift Card

When it comes to frequent travelling, one of the biggest challenges is establishing a fixed routine. The gym becomes a thing of the past, eating habits worsen, and sleep is more difficult to find. It happens, but we’ll fix that. Alo Moves lets you choose between a 6-month or 12-month membership, where you’ll be gifting endless mindfulness and fitness content, specifically designed for a range of levels. Think of it as a virtual personal trainer to keep you motivated whilst on the road.

You’ve even got the option to download classes offline, meaning lack of Wi-Fi or international data won’t be a worry.

This virtual gift is perfect for: Anyone who wants to work on mind, body and soul during travels.

Puzzle Post Virtual Escape Room

(Also found on ‘Not On The High Street’)

Puzzle Post drops interactive riddles right into your letterbox. Once you receive the envelope, you’re given a series of clues to unlock a code for an online portal, where the sender is eventually revealed. Whilst you can pick from a selection of themes, ‘The Missed Flight’ challenge could be particularly relevant to anyone with a case of wanderlust. I’d really recommend getting the physical version if time allows, but the masterminds at Puzzle Post offer a WhatsApp version for less than £10.

Now, THIS is the type of entertainment that people want on Christmas Day.

This idea is perfect for: Those moments when there aren’t any good films on Netflix.

Wowcher Mystery Holiday Package (Via Wowcher Website)

The Wowcher mystery holiday has done rounds in the past, however there seemed to be somewhat of a viral situation for this intriguing package deal. TikTok went crazy for it, but don’t stumble too deep into the reviews. You’ll ruin the surprise…

Truthfully, you’re way more likely to get a two-day European travel experience over a trip to New York, although less than £100 for a flight + hotel for Europe isn’t bad at all. Sure, there’s the risk of not liking the hotel, but is it a bit more reassuring if I say you get a choice of 3 locations during the booking process? Arguably, the build-up is what makes this gift idea particularly exciting. I’d say it’s worth the gamble.

*The price is per person, so if travelling with someone then you’d need to purchase two vouchers.

This gift is perfect for: Someone who can make any situation into a good time, and the spontaneous.

Lifetime Language-Learning Membership With Rosetta Stone

How cool is the fact you can gift someone a lifetime membership to learn languages? Rosetta Stone makes someone’s multilingual dream a realistic possibility with unrestricted access to all course material. In any language(s).

For £200, this could seem tempting. Yes, there are cheaper bundles available on the site, but the lifetime route offers the best value for money in the long run. Snap this up quickly though, as the price seems to be a Christmas special. There’s no gift like additional knowledge, as the saying goes. Besides, this virtual travel gift gives you full right to flex on your new-found language skills.

This idea is perfect for: Anyone who has ever listened to a song in a different language and wanted to sing along. So basically everyone.

Airbnb Digital Gift Card

The Airbnb card is honestly the gift that keeps on giving. Not only can you redeem against accommodation AND experience, but you’ve also got the gift of time as the funds don’t expire. Things get better though. The latter allows you to select virtual options, including art classes, personalised destination workshops, and sneak peeks inside popular landmarks. There are even dance tutorials on there. Endless scrolling of activities starts in 3…2…1…

*Just a heads up, gift cards purchased in the UK need to be redeemed by a UK resident.

This e-gift card is perfect for: Anyone thinking about a solo trip, and someone who wants some travel inspiration.

‘Cameo’ Video Message From A Familiar Face

I can’t believe a platform like Cameo exists, but it does. And it’s legit. The website displays multiple categories to find an actor, artist, athlete or reality star who will record a virtual message for any occasion. Roasting sessions included. Logistically-speaking, 7 days is the standard wait time. However, 24-hour turnarounds are visible through a filter search if you require a more urgent response. Surprisingly, prices are considerably lower than what you might expect. Former FC Barcelona players for £50, for example.

Whilst this suggestion isn’t a virtual travel gift as such, you’ll be the talk of the table, that’s for sure.

This gift is perfect for: Anyone who loves a novelty moment, or a major stan.

Digital Gift Card From Ryanair

Booking a flight for another person seems so impressive, but realistically, it’s a disaster if you don’t know their schedule and passport details by heart. That’s why travel vouchers just make sense. Prices start from £25, on Ryanair, with a choice of currency. I mention Ryanair specifically because January is a brilliant time to check the app. If that wasn’t a big enough hint then I don’t know what is!

This gift is perfect for: Someone who wants to caption a photo at the beach with ‘I’ve had worse Monday mornings’.

Additional Virtual Gifting Suggestions:

  1. Donation to a charity of the recipient’s choice. It’s the season of giving, after all.
  2. Uber Eats meal. If someone is spending the holidays alone, make sure they don’t miss out on festive comforts.
  3. Canva Premium Subscription. Most people don’t sign up to premium versions because they don’t want to be the ones to pay for the service, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t useful! All your content creator friends want this, trust me.

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  1. Great ideas! I’m all for the digital gift cards for Airbnb and Ryanair, as those are easy for me to use to book an accommodation or flight, respectively! Wishing you a wonderful holiday season; I’ll be celebrating with my family and partner!

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