The Best Things To Do In Poznan With 48 Hours

It’s time to give underrated destinations a chance. Here’s why…

Need help planning your next trip? Let’s fly to Poznan, for 48 hours – a place I’d put heavily into the ‘underrated cities category’.

A quick search of the destination might leave you feeling underwhelmed but let me change your mind. With zero expectations, a £9 flight, and a backpack, I headed to the airport for what would be 2 full days of adventuring. Within hours, I noticed something about the city had pulled me in so I’m determined to make you experience the same feeling…

Now, travel is never guaranteed to run smoothly. I’m no exception to that, as I had a minor slip-up whilst navigating transport.

It’s simple to find the 159 bus into the city, but the trouble came with ticket purchasing. I had no idea where to buy bus tickets from, as I didn’t see any stands. No worries I’ll just grab a ticket on the bus, I thought.

How wrong was I? There only seemed to be an area to scan travel passes, which many locals completely ignored. So I did too, for the duration of my trip. Eventually, I discovered the existence of a Poznan City Travel Card, but at that point, I was already on my flight home lol.

How To Spend 48 Hours In Poznan.

So what is there to do in Poznan? A valid question when you’ve just arrived in the city. The answer? Start off with the below suggestions…

Browse Old Market Square. The historical plaza is unmissable, as you’ll see colourful buildings and unique landmarks within walking distance. Oh and, at noon, billy goats come out near the town hall. No wonder Old Market Square has been labelled ‘the heart of Poznan’. The area is also home to various restaurants, but I’ll point you towards some gems further along.

Parish Church of St Stanislaus.

The nice thing about Poznan is that everything feels close together, meaning it’s plausible to explore most of the city on foot. From Old Market Square, you’ve got the Parish Church of St Stanislaus close by. The cobbled streets leading up to the church and pink surroundings genuinely look like scenes from a postcard. It’s that picturesque. If you’re planning on visiting inside, you can’t peak around whilst a prayer session is in full swing so time your entrance well. Respectful backpackers are the best backpackers.

Stary Browar.

Next on your list should be Stary Browar, an artistic hub and shopping mall combo.

You’ll notice all sorts of sculptures dotted around the floors, as well as multiple high-street stores under one architecturally-pleasing roof. Just when you think it can’t get any better, you’ll stumble across the food court. Although, it’s worth noting the stores are closed on Sunday. Make your visit here a Saturday.

Stary Browar Mall.

Poznan Croissant Museum.

Poznan Croissant Museum is the place to go for storytelling, baking demonstrations, and a chance to buy St. Martin’s croissants. I wouldn’t describe this location as a museum though. It feels more like a show. Short for time? You’ll find bakeries within the city containing similar goods. It was painful to be a gluten-free content creator in this moment.

Chocolate Museum Poznan.

Sticking with the theme of food activities, one of my favourites was Chocolate Museum Poznan.

Essentially, it’s a chocolate shop with an area for classes. Nothing fancy, but very tempting. The goods weren’t expensive either…

Twelve Cocktails & Co.

Twelve Cocktails & Co. is located within a block of bougie-looking offices, so it’s pretty easy to miss the bar itself. However, the city view from the rooftop is what really sells the spot. This is going to be your place for epic Instagram pictures to fuel the ‘night vibes’ aesthetic.

So much so, locals mentioned that it becomes packed up here in summer.

Oh, and for such extravagant-looking interior, prices were more than affordable. We’re talking around £8 for 2 drinks…

Twelve Cocktails & Co.

Best Places To Eat.

In comparison to the UK, your coins stretch out far in Poland. It’s the food scene where this becomes particularly obvious, which is why my weekend in Poznan turned into a foodie’s dream. The below restaurant suggestions should leave you satisfied in every sense of the word. Dare I say, I’d even consider doing a 24 hour trip for the restaurants alone?

Tez Mozna.

Let’s talk brunch. One hidden gem filled with happy faces was Tez Mozna. Think waffles, bagels, and light salads. I was actually apprehensive at first. The presentation of food looked so IG-worthy that I thought it would be appearance over substance, but that wasn’t the case. You could easily taste the freshness and quality of the ingredients.

This brunch spot is a must-visit in Poznan, and was full of locals. That’s always a good indicator.

Matii Sushi.

When it comes to food, it’s no secret Sushi is the one for me.

I headed to Matii Sushi inside Stary Browar, after searching up ‘best Japanese restaurants in Poznan’. 2 hours later, I was ready to declare with confidence this location had some of the best sushi I’ve tried. The chefs are true sushi masters. The atmosphere is incredibly trendy. The food is sensational. The music is funky. What’s not to love? The whole experience set me back around £30 for various rolls, ramen bowls, and starters. You already know such a vibe would be triple the price in London.

Nobody act surprised when I randomly announce I’m on my way to Poland again just for this sushi.

I mean, look at this sushi.

Pierozak Pierogarnia.

Would it be a trip to Poland without trying much-loved dumplings?

Pierozak Pierogarnia is a good shout. You can see the dumplings being made through the shop window, can purchase individual sizes, and have endless flavours to pick from.

I was also impressed with the attention to detail when ordering takeout, as the packaging was air-sealed to prevent spillages. Not all food places think this far ahead.

Steakhouse Evil.

If you’re after something a little more filling, check out Steakhouse Evil. Haha. As the name suggests, this restaurant points you towards menus meat-eaters would adore. Good for casual lunch.

Dark Restaurant.

Have you seen the trend of eating in the dark which took social media by storm? Dark Restaurant Poznan is an example of that.

When you arrive, you’ll be asked to switch off your phone and remove your watch. Then, you’re given a mini-interview to discuss menu options. At this point, you’d disclose any allergies or ingredients you don’t want. Once waiters finish explaining the instructions, you’ll walk into total darkness.

When I say you couldn’t see anything, I really mean it. Even small tasks like picking up cutlery became a mission, as you’re fumbling around in confusion. When the food comes out, staff suggest eating with your hands to fully absorb textures. This step proves helpful when you’re quizzed on what you think you ate, followed by the full reveal.

A 10/10 experience from start to finish. Make a reservation though, and note the restaurant is closed on Sunday.

On A Budget? Free Things To Do In Poznan.

In the mood for a scenic walk/cycle?

Head directly to an artificial lake known as Lake Malta. It’s very cute for picnics or spontaneous photoshoots. You’ll also find points of leisure, like miniature railways or a mini-golf zone.

Craving some history? Try Citadel Park. This large green space is admired by locals and features an outdoor military exhibition.

If street art is your thing, you’ll be impressed with Mural Śródka. The 3D masterpiece is a worthy tourist attraction in Poznan, depicting interesting visuals.

Finally, when you’re about to leave the city, stop by the Poznan Billy Goats Monument. You won’t need more than a few seconds at the statue, but it rounds up your trip pretty nicely. For a destination that often falls in the shadows of cities like Warsaw, Krakow, and Gdansk, there sure is plenty to discover here.

Keen to snap up another weekend trip? I’m pretty sure 2 days in Lisbon will satisfy your wanderlust…

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  1. Poznan eluded me during my two visits to Poland in 2017 and 2019. I hadn’t known much about the city, but it appears to be a sleepier one than Warsaw or Krakow, but just as rich in history, sights, and food. Two drinks for 8 pounds is an incredible deal, and I’d kill for a 30 pound sushi feast; those prices are unheard of in Los Angeles!

    1. Definitely an underrated city! Oh my goodness I can’t even imagine how expensive drinks and restaurants must be in Los Angeles! How much would 2 drinks average in LA in a bar? I’d love to visit one day!

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