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5 Food Spots In Barcelona Only Locals Will Know

Ready to eat like a local? Here are 5 places in Barcelona you won’t want to miss.

There’s no doubt about it, there’s sensational food spots in Barcelona.

One problem though – how do you narrow down the endless search findings? It’s already overwhelming enough when browsing for ‘nice restaurants in Barcelona’. What’s more, half of the suggestions on the web are complete tourist traps. Seriously.

Luckily, I’ve put together a quick list of 5 food places in Barcelona only a local will tell you about. The local? Me! I’ve searched high and low across a region that’s like home to provide you with epic findings, so I’m confident you’ll fall in love with the information I’m about to give you. Want a taster? You’ll find my favourite sushi restaurant for under 12 euros, a wicked idea for pizza night, AND a must-visit brunch spot. Ready to munch like a local?

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Bar El Tomàs de Sarrià

Address for Bar El Tomàs de Sarrià: Carrer Major de Sarrià, 49, 08017 Barcelona, Spain.

I’m not joking when I say this bar is known across Barcelona for having the best ‘Patatas Bravas’. One bite of golden potato soaked in mildly spicy sauce will make you understand the hype about this place.

If you’re uncontrollably hungry, give this suggestion a miss because there isn’t a full menu of food at Bar El Tomàs. However, you’ll feel somewhat satisfied once you order the largest portion of the top-selling patatas. The bar is hidden away in one of the more residential zones of Barcelona, but that only adds to the charm. Right? Even if you might not feel like a local, you’ll look like one eating here.

Copasetic Barcelona

Address For Copasetic: C/ de la Diputació, 55, 08015 Barcelona, Spain.

Want to know a little secret? Copasetic is the first place that drops out my mouth the moment someone asks me for a brunch recommendation. I truly rave about the sweet and savoury pancakes at this restaurant in Barcelona like no tomorrow.

Oh, and eating with dietary requirements is a total breeze. Vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free options are available on virtually every item.

One of the biggest selling points about this humble eatery is the fact it’s incredibly central, as you’re just 10 minutes away from ‘Plaça d’Espanya’. How’s that for a final brunch in the city before you head to the airport?

Tip: I’d suggest reserving a table. Locals flock to this spot.

Messié Sin Gluten Muntaner

Address for Messié Sin Gluten Muntaner: C/ de Muntaner, 109, 08036 Barcelona, Spain

Finding pizza isn’t too challenging of a task in Barcelona. However, finding quality GLUTEN-FREE pizza becomes a bit more of a mission.

I’ve got a solution for you. Messié Sin Gluten Pizza, a coeliac-friendly restaurant. Yup, there is no risk of wheat touching your plates and no fear of waiters being clueless about what an item of food contains.

The dough of the pizza tastes so good you wouldn’t even think it was gluten-free, but I know you’ll tell me the same once you visit. The perfect location for a chilled pizza night.

Goiko Burgers

There’s 3 different locations dotted around Barcelona.

It would be outrageous if a burger joint wasn’t added to the list. Skip the likes of Burger King, and run to Goiko. This upcoming burger chain allows you to build your own big fat juicy burger for less than 15 euros, which is exactly the type of food you’d want after a long day of exploring Barcelona.

Goiko doesn’t feel like your typical fast-food offering. First of all, the meat of your choice is cooked how YOU like it. There’s no default setting around here. Secondly, you’ve got access to vegan cheese and gluten-free buns if needed. Thirdly, the atmosphere just oozes trendy vibes. You’ll become obsessed with this local favourite for a no-nonsense refuel.

Ziqi Ramen Y Sushi

Address for Ziqi Ramen Y Sushi:  Av. de Mistral, 44, 08015 Barcelona, Spain.

When it comes to food spots in Barcelona, I’m almost certain ‘Ziqi’ won’t show up on Google or TripAdvisor. I would know, as I consider myself an absolute sushi connoisseur, going to great lengths to find the best sushi spots in Barcelona. Imagine my happiness when I stumbled across Ziqi by sheer luck.

Not only is the interior an anime lover’s dream, but you’ll also come across some of the nicest ramen and sushi out there. I mean it. If you head out during lunch hour, you’ll even get 2 starters, a main, a dessert and a beverage for less than 12 euros. There’s no catch with this one guys. Just wholesome food at cheerful prices. I’m a regular here…

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