Nuldam Space Is One Of The Most Unique Things To Do In Seoul. Here’s Why!

Nuldam Space is not your standard coffee shop.

Actually, Nuldam Space is more than a unique thing to do in Seoul. It’s a whole reflective experience.

I first heard about this café during aimless midnight scrolls of the Tik Tok feed.

When my Seoul departure started to edge closer, Nuldam Space jumped up my itinerary. It wasn’t long before Nuldam Space was sitting under a ‘first day in Seoul’ bracket.

That’s how much I wanted to go.

The reason? This aesthetic post office encourages everyone to write a note to their future self, which is then delivered within the following year. Internationally.

For anyone, this will spike curiosity, but for a writer? It’s the sort of activity which grips us into a chokehold.

Allow me to walk you through Nuldam Space.

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Here’s Everything You Need To Know About One Of Seoul’s Most Unique Offerings:

Estimated reading time: 7 minutes

To help you determine whether Nuldam Space needs to be on your Seoul bucketlist or not, I’ve put together essential points to give you an idea of what to expect.

Why Is Nuldam Space A Unique Thing To Do In Seoul?

Nuldam Space has been designed to unlock feelings, and it does exactly that.

After all, receiving a postcard you’ll probably forget writing about until it lands on your doorstep is somewhat emotional, right?

Suddenly, a standard postcard just doesn’t cut it.

Where Is Nuldam Space Located?

Nuldam Space is a chain, with quite a few branches, but in Seoul you’ll likely visit the Haebangchon or Gyeongbok Palace branch.

I went with the latter option, situated directly in front of Gyeongbok Palace.

Is The Location Easy To Find?

Yes! The Gyeongbok Palace can be found on a main road.

I’ll add a photo of the exterior, so you know what to look out for!

What’s Nuldam Space Like Inside?

The Gyeongbok Palace branch has two floors.

The first floor contains a letter station, and a small bar, surrounded by rows and rows of already-written messages.

The second floor is a cosy space to gather your thoughts and/or snack on edible goods*

*You aren’t required to purchase food/drinks with the letter service. It’s an additional add-on.

What’s There To Eat And Drink At Nuldam Space?

You’ll either roll your eyes or sigh with relief when I say Nuldam Space is a fully-vegan spot.

On the menu are various hot/cold drinks, with a selection of sweet and savoury pastries.

Do note though, this location only accepts card.

How Much Does Letter Writing Cost?

The price of a postcard was roughly around 7000 WON, which is approximately 3-4£.

As mentioned above, Nuldam Space is a card-only establishment, and Apple Pay didn’t work here, so you’ll need a physical bank card.

How Do I Get Involved With Letter Writing?

Once you’ve picked a stencil, and payment has been exchanged, you’ll be given your chosen postcard, pen, and an envelope.

At this point, it’s all down to your creative juices.

The stencil is the same size as a typical postcard, so keep your words small and your font size even smaller!

I’ve Finished Writing My Postcard, Now What?

Make your way downstairs.

The barista will give you 3 balls of wax and direct you towards the stamping station.

While English instructions are displayed, you won’t really need them. The stamping process is fairly self-explanatory, but in short:

  1. Put the wax balls into one of the visible spoons, and hold over a candle flame until melted.
  2. Lay your envelope flat with one hand and pour a blob of wax over the opening, then press down with your chosen stamp for a few seconds to seal.

Word of caution: Make sure the envelope isn’t flapping up. I’m pretty sure I got wax on my actual postcard.

How Will I Know When My Postcard Will Arrive?

You can choose the date!

After you’ve secured your envelope and pimped it out with complimentary stickers, head over to the letter wall.

Here, there’s a box to coincide with each day in the following year.

I was told, however, that international delivery can take 2 weeks. If you want your postcard to arrive on your birthday, for example, put the letter in a box 2 weeks before your birth date.

Note: The delivery date doesn’t need to be 365 days from the time of writing.

Overall Summary + Thoughts:

Nuldam Space is probably something you’d do once, as the excitement declines if repeating.

Yet, the opportunity to reflect is genuinely unmatched, and for this reason alone, Nuldam Space is worth shouting about.

What’s the worse than can happen?

Sure, you might be a few coins down if your letter doesn’t arrive, but that’s a risk worth taking for potentially your best souvenir yet.

All in all, Nuldam Space is absolutely deserving of the ‘unique things in Seoul’ label.

Tip: To increase chances of your letter arriving, try not to cram your entire address onto the designated lines. It’s going to be too difficult to read. Write above it.

@ Nuldam Space.

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