Mil Estrelles, Girona: The Best Bubble Dome Hotel In Europe.

This is your sign to treat yourself to the ultimate bubble dome experience.

Here’s a reason for you to venture out of Barcelona on your next visit. Less than 2 hours from the city, a company known as ‘Mil Estrelles’ hosts magical overnight stays in a stargazing bubble dome.

Honestly, there are few events that top watching the stars from the comfort of your bed, whilst sipping hot cocoa loaded with cream and marshmallows in a private bubble. Mil Estrelles was actually a place I first heard about through word of mouth, from locals. A quick Google search on one of Spain’s first bubble hotels had me convinced I needed to experience the dome in person.

This post will walk you through what it’s really like sleeping in a bubble dome, the things I wish I knew before visiting, and ways to replicate my levels of happiness in total isolation.

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Mil Estrelles at night.

Mil Estrelles Bubble Dome Hotel, Catalunya:

The Location:

Imagine you’ve driven into a beautifully secluded green space, hidden by tall trees and small independent farms.

The venue greets you with freshly-planted flowers, a pristinely-cut lawn and birds chirping in the distance. You feel like you’ve stepped into a potential location for a small countryside wedding, it’s that nice. The glistening tops of bubble domes peeping over rustic fencing instantly catches your eye, as you head towards a rural-looking building to proceed with check-in. You’re ready to fully switch off and absorb the moment.

Luckily, that’s what Mil Estrelles is all about.

Mil Estrelles Address: Lugar Veinat Borgonà S/N, 17844 Cornellà del Terri, Girona, Spain.

What You Need To Know About This Bubble Hotel:

To give you the most comfortable stay imaginable, I’ll talk you through points which took me by surprise. That way, you’ll know what to expect from a bubble hotel before you sign up. No secrets over here!

My largest assumption was that each dome would be within close proximity to other guests. I just had this picture of neighbours being able to see through my space, but that fear was squashed the moment I arrived. There’s a handful of domes on the establishment, but they aren’t close to each other.

It’s worth mentioning that the domes also come with a private entrance, meaning guests have no reason to hover around your bubble.

The private entrance to your bubble.

Is It Cold Inside?

Next up is the temperature shock.

Now, I’m no scientist but I know warm areas and cold areas just don’t mix. Each bubble featured a dehumidifier for this reason, and staff recommended this be kept on for the majority of your stay. However, setting the right temp was a constant battle. At first, the bubble resembles a greenhouse. Even more so when the sun is blazing down on you. There’s air conditioning, but you’ll probably replace that with heating during the night. The warm-cold feeling switches constantly.

Inside the dome.

Aren’t There Loads Of Insects?

No insects are crawling around, so you can all sigh with relief.

This was a bit of an initial concern, seeing as I feel tears in my eyes over the sight of a moth. Not quite joking haha. Well, I’m pleased to report I didn’t see any insects during my stay, and nothing flew inside the tent either. I’d put this down to entering the tent quickly, and only opening one door at a time, something you’re urged to do for keeping the dome inflated. But hey, if it keeps out spiders then I’m okay with that.

Can You See The Stars?

Stargazing opportunities are a big selling point for see-through camping tents. However, your chance of actually seeing the stars isn’t a given, as I swiftly found out.

Whilst I witnessed a handful of bright stars make their appearance, my phone didn’t. Maybe this was down to my settings, maybe pollution was to blame, or maybe it’s a mixture of multiple factors. Who knows.

Although, if you’re not seeing much through the bubble, head outside to watch the stars from your patio. You’ll still gasp.

The Complete Bubble Hotel Experience:

As mentioned above, my overnight stay took place in Mil Estrelles.

If you’re looking for an uncensored review of the place, you’ve got one here. To help you decide whether this is your type of vibe, or not, allow me to share all the insider scoop.

The Introduction:

Check-in starts at 4:30 pm.

A suspiciously later time that what I was used to, or what I had anticipated.

It was undeniable that if you didn’t arrive punctually, your bubble experience would be over before you could unzip the tent lol. However, I swiftly put aside my minor grudge after a welcome sip of champagne. Not that I even drink, but I was won over by the nice little touch. Once your paperwork (which is just a few basic details) has been checked, you’re led to a numbered gate to begin the induction process. It’s here you’re given tips to keep the dome at optimum size, and asked to leave the gate to your patio unlocked. Interesting.

When I quizzed about this information further, I was told it was for the breakfast hampers to be delivered the following morning. I’ll get to that further on though…

What To Do:

I didn’t take a dinner package, so used the time to explore my rural surroundings.

Venturing outside will be your best bet, even if you don’t want to hike, as the tents don’t receive stable Wi-Fi coverage. That’s a good thing though, in my opinion, as you’re pushed to enjoy the moment to the absolute fullest.

Whether that be listening to the radio, having a nap on the deck chairs, observing the horses at nearby farms, having a photo shoot with the exterior of the dome, watching the sky change through various shades of orange, exploring the town of ‘Banyoles’ via a 10-minute car ride, or performing handstands in the venue’s courtyard.

Breakfast Delivery:

At 8:30 am the following morning, I heard the tent quickly unzip. I had assumed breakfast would be dropped off by the patio table, but nope. It was physically brought inside your tent whilst you sleep.

I had a sneaky peek to see if anyone would look around the room at all, but nobody did. There were no reasons to be worried, but I wanted to add this detail should anyone feel uncomfortable with the very thought.

I felt for the staff member though, as the moment my basket was dropped off I jumped out of bed like Grandpa Joe from ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ to browse the goods.

A sweet way to send you off.

A spoiler of the breakfast hamper.

Cost Of An Overnight Stay In A Bubble Hotel:

I’m aware the terms ‘budget travel’ + ‘bubble hotels’ appear like total opposites, but hear me out!

When you consider the price of hotels in popular European cities, alongside a substantial breakfast, 170 euros doesn’t seem too bad. That’s for a maximum of 2 guests in the dome, 85 euros if you find someone to go halves with.

Regardless, the total cost of a bubble dome in Spain worked out significantly cheaper than bubble hotels near me, in the United Kingdom. Yup, even with flights included.

The novelty of rose petals, a personalised cake, or access to bike rentals is what really bumps up the price. You’re not obliged to purchase add-ons though, just bring your own! Sometimes you need to give yourself self-care days which are that extra bit special…

The Overall Word:

Glamping bubbles aren’t an experience I’ll regularly repeat, but I don’t need to.

The sensation of genuine disconnect from city life will stick with me for years to come. If I thought I had experienced relaxation before, boy was I wrong. A stay at Mil Estrelles prompts you to discover happiness in the little things, without an ounce of pretentiousness, and for that I’m convinced this bubble experience is the best in Europe.

Whilst you’re in Girona, you might as well head into Barcelona! Don’t miss my post on 22 cool things to do in BCN. From the perspective of a local.

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  1. I think many people go for just the experience of bubble dome hotels (and glamping, in general). I can see why it’s trending these days, as it offers the great outdoors, but without the discomfort of pitching one’s own tent and foraging for/cooking one’s own food on a hot plate. I wouldn’t personally choose to go for glamping, but it looks like you had a fun time!

    1. I agree, I feel like there’s a lot of novelty around it all so I enjoyed my night but it wouldn’t be an experience I’d frequently repeat because I feel like camping in a normal tent gives similar vibes for seeing the stars or sunsets! It was really cool to get away from the city though, for sure!

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