This Is What It’s Really Like To Visit A Korean Hair Salon – JUNO Hair Seoul

What to expect at JUNO Hair in Myeongdong, Seoul – A full review.

Let’s delve into a review on everything you need to know about JUNO Hair in Seoul, Myeongdong 2.

This post goes into every single detail from a recent stop at the branch, to help in your quest of finding a hair salon in Seoul – without the biased angle of a sponsored post.

Instead, you’ll find the very real experiences of a travel blogger who was in desperate need of a blow-dry after running around Seoul’s abandoned amusement park. A travel blogger who also had curiosity to see how different Korean beauty treatments were, if at all, in comparison to the UK.

When finding a salon as a tourist, there’s a few requirements to drop into search criteria. Firstly, the salon has to be central. Secondly, the services need to be reasonably-priced. A small level of English is also a bonus, to boost chances of turning Pinterest photos into reality.

All roads seem to point towards JUNO Hair in Myeongdong…

Full details of my experience can be found below.

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A Complete Review Of JUNO Hair Seoul, Myeongdong 2.

After leaving a much-loved styling tool at home, which I blame for incorrectly reading voltage, it was only a matter of time before my hair simply wasn’t cooperating. Both in pictures and in-person.

That’s how a casual browse of hair salons turned into a next-day booking confirmation.

Now, there’s a general (unofficial) rule that you should never book, buy, or do, the first thing you see.

However, when reviews for JUNO Hair within the Myeongdong radius were sitting at a comfortable 4.9 out of 2.8K, I was intrigued.

As I only wanted a blow-dry/styling session, I knew I didn’t have much to lose. Worst case scenario, I could just put my hair up, I thought.

But there was more to it.

A Little Bit About JUNO…

JUNO is a popular, and respected, chain with endless locations across South Korea. However, there seemed to be quite the discrepancy between the central location reviews and branches in areas with less tourism.

I don’t think this is due to the service, though. More on that later on.

The salon I visited was only a few minutes away from Henn-na Hotel in Myeongdong. A venue where robots will be your receptionists. This was, by far, one of the coolest experiences from my time in Seoul, and I’d recommend the hotel to anyone in a heartbeat.

*The hotel link is an affiliate link, to help fund TheStrawberrySnaps, but doesn’t change the post content in any way.

Which Location Did I Visit?

I booked into the JUNO Hair located at Myeongdong 2.

If you’re lost when you reach the destination, look out for the elevator towards the back! The correct floor for ‘JUNO’ will be displayed on the button panel.

Their address is: 18 Myeongdong 8na-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea.

Do You Need To Place A Deposit Down To Make A Booking?

Yes, 10,000 WON – deductible from overall cost.

When I hesitantly asked if there were any chance the appointment could be done the following morning, as I had assumed such short notice would be impossible, I was met with a friendly ‘of course!’

This made me feel both relieved and curious, but was such wide availability a potential warning sign?

Do You Need To Give A Korean Phone Number To Secure A Booking?

No, no phone number is needed if booking in person – The deposit seemingly replaces this!

First Impressions Of JUNO Hair In Seoul?

The interior is an Instagrammer’s dream.

Immediately, I noticed large mirrors, marble spaces, minimalistic décor, and a cosy-looking waiting area. The type of modern set-up which oozes ‘luxury’ at a low price point.

Do Staff Speak English?

For many foreign visitors to Seoul, a welcoming factor behind any review of a hair salon will be the presence of English – which JUNO Hair satisfies. The manager of the location had a good understanding of English, so there were no obstacles or language barriers when booking.

The stylist and individual who washed my hair, not so much. However, all instructions were still understood on both ends.

If you’re struggling, download ‘Google Translate’ in offline mode so you can communicate without data. Also, bring/show pictures! Visuals will give the stylist a ‘look’ to keep in mind.

What Were The Tools + Products Like?

I couldn’t sneak a glance of products used, during hair washing, as a cotton pad was placed over my eyes – presumably to stop product entering delicate areas. However, I did notice that the shampoo left no residue. That’s always a good sign.

Although, I remember gasping at the curling iron used to create the bouncy waves I had my heart set on. I’ve never seen anything so futuristic before? The clamp appeared to function with what I can only describe as a thin metal pencil, which seemed fiddly to navigate, yet the results held nicely – for the first day.

Let’s Talk Costs!

The price of a blow-dry (including hair washing) stood at 35,000 WON – which translates to approximately £21.

That felt like an absolute steal when drifting back to the prices I’d typically pay for a standard blow-dry in the UK. Smaller, more locally-owned, salons in Seoul would perhaps have been even cheaper.

Things I Liked About JUNO Hair.

What’s a review on JUNO Hair if there isn’t a breakdown of the good + bad?

Let’s start with the positives…

I instantly felt calm stepping into the salon.

I also thought the complimentary drinks menu by the waiting area was a solid idea. The process of requesting something to quench your thirst felt less awkward when options were readily available.

The largest takeaway from JUNO, however, was how thorough the hair-washing process was.

You’ll be taken to a small private room, where you’re asked to lay flat on chairs which resemble beds. Pure bliss begins when you’re given a deep massage of the skull…

Things I Didn’t Like About JUNO Hair.

I’ve spoken about this point in my article on 12 things to know before visiting Seoul, but there’s heavy emphasis around staff persuading customers to leave reviews on Google. The frantic ‘please leave us a review!’ chorus from the manager and stylist, as I was accompanied to the elevator, left a sour taste.

Final Review On JUNO Hair Seoul.

JUNO Hair Seoul Review.
Results shortly after leaving the salon.

To wrap up this review on JUNO Hair in Seoul, let me give a short answer to summarise –

Would I recommend JUNO Hair?

Yes – for styling.

The experience wasn’t ground-breaking, beside the addition of a mini massage, but neither was my booking request. All I wanted was to transform limp strands of hair into bouncy waves, and that was delivered. Could I ask for much more when paying £21?

Let this be your sign to book into a beauty treatment next time you’re in Seoul.

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