15 Of The Best International Travel Tips You’ll Ever Hear.

These tips will change the way you travel. Here’s everything I’ve picked up over the years.

Ready to gain access to international travel tips which will change the way you function abroad? Today I’m in the mood to spill the best gems I’ve picked up from 8 years of travelling.

So why this post? Well, because I have a dislike for other articles of similar nature floating around on Google. How many times will we be told to ‘wake up early’ or to ‘stay hydrated’, in our quest for life-changing travel hacks? Is that not common sense? My frustration was expressed on social media not too long ago, and many of you agreed.

That’s why, I’m here to cut all the BS and give you the tips which have made a difference to my years on the road. We’ll cover everything from hotel upgrades, to those £5 flights which seem like a myth, to the easiest way to store jewellery, to my ultimate tip for condensing down your luggage.

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15 Travel Tips You Really Need To Know About:

The featured travel tips get to the root of issues we all experience, so that’s how I know you’ll love them. I’m convinced you’ll find something to make travel more affordable, more accessible and less stressful once you’re done reading this post.

Content you’ll want to soak up like a sponge coming at you in 3,2,1…

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Two Plastic Bags For Liquids: One For The Lids, One For The Liquids.

Those little plastic bags to store 100 ml bottles are amazing for everything, but what the hell do you do when you’re limited to one per person? You could chance it by spacing out bags into different trays, so it looks like it isn’t all yours, but I’ve found a less risky method.

Grab two bags. Take off the lids from perfume, hairspray, deodorant etc, and put all of them into a bag. All the liquids into another, which at this point you’ll notice has opened up significant space for cramming even more into the one-bag policy. Toiletries are always shaped in the maddest forms, so even the best Tetris player would start sweating when trying to get everything into a single bag.

As the bag containing lids has no liquid, it can go into the same tray as all your other belongings. Ready to be reunited with their allocated bottles once you’ve passed controls. You’d be extremely unlucky if you experience spillage in the 10 seconds the liquids don’t have lids.

Still Struggling With Space? Try This Tip For Full-Sized Liquids.

It’s no secret that mini versions of everything turn out to be pricier than full-sized. People pay for convenience, right? Well, what if I told you that you can still take your full-sized products on holiday in hand luggage?

If you place an order from Boots, which I can bet my last euro is a store available in every UK airport by default, you can pick up the goods after security from your departure base of choice. Suddenly, hand luggage travel doesn’t seem as restricting.

How To Find Flights For Next To Nothing.

I feel like I’ve cracked the code with this one. The mother of all international travel tips.

We’ve heard of travel alerts, we’ve heard of newsletters and we’ve heard of third-party comparison apps, but I’ve found that airline apps are the best place to find cheap flights. Whilst randomly checking the homepage of said apps is a routine, once you secure the £5 flights it will be no different to checking emails or social media each morning. It’s addictive.

Now, the flight locations under these flash promo sales aren’t always well-known, or tend to be further away from the city centre, but occasionally you’ll find deals worth looking into. In these situations, I’d recommend bulk-buying flights for the next few months.

How To Check Which Seats Are Available On A Plane.

On the day of your flight, even if you’ve already downloaded your boarding pass, go through the ‘pretending to change your seat’ process. This will bring up the cabin map with visuals on how much space is available. Keep an eye on this, as it will give you a heads-up of what your seat options might look like prior to boarding.

The second option is to stroll onto the plane towards the end, and take your pick of remaining seats if you’ve been the victim of random seat allocation throwing you into the middle. The only downside with this is that you might not be sitting with your cabin bag directly above you.

Oh, And, If You’re Travelling In A Group Don’t Purchase A Seat Right Away.

If you have recently flown with Ryanair, you’ll probably know that the chances of sitting next to your travel companion are slimmer than a single strand of spaghetti.

Yet, there’s many airlines which will put you together from the get-go. EasyJet is usually pretty good at this. Keen to sit together with a loved one? Wait until it’s actually confirmed you’ll be on the other end of the plane, then look at reluctantly purchasing a seat. It could save you at least 30£. This tip applies to both domestic and international travel.

Something You Should Know About Hand-Luggage.

There’s a huge difference between bringing a backpack, versus bringing a large handbag/gym-like bag, as hand luggage. Backpack dimensions are rarely scrutinised to the extent large handbags are.

Whenever I’ve taken a large handbag, I’ve almost always been asked to put it into the measurement stand near boarding. That’s already embarrassing, but when all the other passengers are watching? Even more so. The moment I changed to a backpack? Nobody blinked an eye. If this has given you trauma, and you’re keen to make the switch to a backpack, one of my all-time favourites is from a brand called Rains. It’s somewhat stylish, doesn’t look like a touristy bag which reduces chances of being pickpocketed, and is waterproof. The perfect combo.

Whilst We’re On The Topic Of Pick Pockets…

Something I’ve noticed a friend do when travelling is applying tape to photography gear. Their tripod, the strap of a camera, and a phone case all had one thing in common, the visible Sellotape which coated it. Unbeknown to me, this was a protective measure to prevent theft. ‘Yaz, people will rarely steal things which look broken’. Since this conversation, I’ve started to do the same when filming in crowded locations. Secure valuables that is, not pickpocketing. Just in case anyone had any doubt.

Whilst on this topic, here’s a few methods to stop falling into tourist scams when traveling or backpacking…

What’s The Scoop On Hotel Upgrades?

I’ve very much an ‘as long as it has a clean bed and spotless bathroom and a spacious balcony I’m fine’ type of person. However, I’m also not humble enough to reject an upgrade opportunity. I kept hearing people say they were getting upgrades, but thought it seemed a bit of an urban legend. Until I got a hotel upgrade. Do they happen regularly? Who decides which room you get? Is there a specific time? I don’t know the answer to that, but I DO know what contributed to my hotel upgrade in the past.

How? I quizzed staff for an old blog post. The inside scoop was nothing extraordinary but it made sense. Make a lasting impression and boost your chances during off-peak months (as there’s less demand). Although, when I reflect on a recent trip, I remember something I did differently. I emailed the hotel with a question I had, and mentioned how excited I was to visit. At the time, I didn’t think this could be a contributing factor but in hindsight? It aligns with the above. Worth a try? I think so.

(Just a side-point, but once you get to your room and realise your balcony scenes aren’t great, don’t be anxious to ask reception for a different room in the same category. It might not be an upgrade, but it will feel like one if your new view faces the sea, rather than the hotel car park. There’s no harm in asking)

Speaking Of Hotels, Here’s How To Maximise Your Stay…

Objects like shower caps, hangers and sticks to stir coffee should get put to work. Need some additional security? Pile up the sticks and put them under your door, like a doorstop, if there are any gaps. Light getting through the curtains? If the hangers have grips, use them to close up the fabric. Not sure how to store shoes from a hike? Put them into a shower cap.

Oh, and still got some of those plastic liquid bags from the airport? The only correct way to change the channel is by putting the remote inside, or using the coffee sticks from above. Little tricks like these can really make-or-break a budget hotel experience.

More must-use tips for any standard hotel room right here.

+ Here Is How To Cancel OUTSIDE The Cancellation Policy.

Clauses along the lines of ‘full stay charged if cancelled less than 48 hours’ are annoying when things happen outside of your control. If you find yourself in this situation, contact the hotel to move your reservation to a future date then follow up with another call to cancel. You’ll now be within the all-important timescale thanks to the modified date.

The Best Way To Store Jewellery When Travelling.

Forget about jewellery storage boxes.

The next time you’re at an airport, grab a bunch of straws from any fast-food counter instead. All you have to do is unclasp a chain, slot it down one end of the straw, then clasp it back up again. It’s the quickest way to keep necklaces/bracelets tangle-free. For earrings, buttons work wonders.

The Few Travel Accessories Which Are Actually Useful.

There’s so many travel accessories out there which seem utterly pointless. Most, in my eyes, are gimmicks to grab your cash at the first second. Although, there are a few items out there which are genuinely worth the last-minute splurge at WHSmith’s. The first being a plug with multiple ports – The solution when someone resides by the only airport socket for the entire afternoon. You’ll both be there now.

The second being a universal trolley coin for luggage carts on long-haul flights.

Skip The Packing Cubes, Try Elastic Bands Or Hair Ties Instead.

Ahh, my much-loved travel ‘secret’ which automatically rolls out my brain the moment someone asks for packing help.

Packing cubes are the type of item I’d consider as a worthless travel accessory. Sure, everything looks organised but if you’re rolling up your clothes just secure them with elastics. Much like packing cubes, it keeps everything small and prevents items from expanding.

Whilst we’re on the topic of clothes, if you dread packing head over to my capsule wardrobe post. It should help!

Stop Putting Your Belongings In The Front Pocket.

It’s tempting to quickly stash your phone or water bottle in the front pocket of a plane seat, but I’ve been put off following last year’s investigation into cabin crew secrets. Pretty unanimously, the staff I interviewed mentioned how passengers have put diapers and/or underwear into front pockets. Most of which isn’t thrown away for ages. Repeat after me, NASTY.

Finally, Do This 5 Second Thing Before Leaving Europe.

Travelling is fun until your card gets locked, you’re stranded without funds or have no Wi-Fi to contact a bank. When it comes to international travel tips, place alerting your bank as a priority. It takes a few seconds to complete online, but prevents many sleepless hours. Trust me…

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