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Best Photography Spots In Barcelona For Instagram Pictures

Ready to step up your Instagram game? These locations in Barcelona will make cool photos an absolute breeze.

So you’ve taken a trip to Barcelona but feel like your picture game is lacking. Maybe you’re wondering where to shoot the most aesthetic pics in the city, but feel overwhelmed. This is where I help you out, with locations in Barcelona for Instagram pictures.

Below you’ll find 6 cool photography locations, guaranteed to naturally fit in with a weekend of exploring. These suggestions will look so good you’ll be ready to upload to IG almost instantly. I’ve also included photos at the end, you know, just in case you prefer to see visuals to spark that wanderlust.

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Instagrammable Spots In Barcelona - Green pond with a fountain and a building with gold rooftop in the distance

The Most Instagrammable Park In Barcelona

Park Güell.

Whilst the bulk of impressive architecture is located within the Monumental Zone, you’ll still get a taste of Antoni Gaudí’s work without a ticket. Look on the plus side, you’ll escape the various influencers there from the crack of dawn. But who can blame them? Park Güell is a picturesque mosaic dream. When you stroll across the non-restricted sections of the park, you’ll notice overlooked props for photos, such as decorated staircases or conveniently-located park benches. However, even these features fill up quickly with excited tourists and eager photographers.

For this reason, make Park Güell your first stop of the day. Even more so during the summer months, as the trek to the top becomes somewhat challenging in extreme heat.

The Paddle Boats In Ciutadella Park.

Ciutadella Park.

Ciutadella Park is my favourite location for creating content. To get there you can pass ‘Arc de Triomf’, so essentially you’ve got two photoshoot locations in one stop. After snapping the palm trees and delicate street lights leading towards Ciutadella Park, hire a paddle boat across the miniature lake for fun self-portraits.

At the time of writing, it costs 6 euros for 30 minutes. Oh, and Ciutadella Park is dreamy for sunsets. I highly encourage visiting closer to the end of your day.

The Rooftop View in Las Arenas.

In the hustle and bustle of Plaza Espanya, you’ve got the eye-catching ‘Las Arenas’. An unmissable bullring-turned-leisure complex. But wait, did you know the building boasts an epic 360 rooftop, home to pop-up exhibitions and a handful of restaurants?

Some advice I could give, however, is to ditch the fee to go up via elevator. I will tell you now that the 2-second ride is not worth it. Instead, take the mechanical stairs from within the building to the top floor. Once you’ve reached the highest level, head straight towards the side facing Montjuïc. It’s arguably the most aesthetically pleasing from all sides.

Visit Las Arenas when you’re transitioning throughout the city. Plaza Espanya is the hub of transport, remember.

The Rear Entrance Of Camp Nou Stadium.

One of the best photo spots in Camp Nou is located within the FC Barcelona Store, as the staircase is designed like genuine stadium seating. However, this is also a waiting area for tired shoppers so the pressure is on!

I have another option for you, though. For light-hearted pictures within football grounds, head away from the FC Barcelona Store towards a small café close to the ‘Johan Cruyff’ statue, almost as if you’re exiting the area. Along the way, you’ll find an FC Barcelona logo for you to get camera happy with. Instagram picture locations like this one in Barcelona couldn’t be more iconic.

Camp Nou stadium is always pretty full, so the timing doesn’t matter too much. Having said this, I visited in the evening after a shopping session in ‘Les Corts’ district.

The Street Directly In Front Of La Pedrera.

La Pedrera is another example of Gaudi’s talent, therefore it’s no surprise photos of the architecture are desired. A popular selfie spot can be found on a street crossing in front of the artwork, where you’ll get a full view of La Pedrera. It’s a much more comfortable angle to capture. One thing to mention, however. You’ll need full confidence for a photoshoot here, as it isn’t hidden away from the public like some of the above. Having said that, Gaudí’s last private residence is worth the few seconds of awkwardness.

The Ferris Wheel At Tibidabo For A Bird’s Eye Views Of Barcelona.

Perhaps this is an unpopular opinion, but the skyline views of Tibidabo are the most sensational in the city. It’s a mountainous hill overlooking Barcelona, after all. You’ve got a few options for photography at Tibidabo. Of course, you can document the Barcelona skyline without stepping foot on any rides at the theme park, however, to get ‘The Church Of The Sacred Heart’ in full glory, I recommend jumping onto the Ferris Wheel to witness an overhead view.

It’s a shame Tibidabo is often left behind during short visits to Barcelona, as the area has A LOT to offer. Hiking? Check. Amusement park? Check. Spiritual offerings? Check. Tibidabo is well worth a few hours of your time.

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  1. I agree with you that Park Güell is an Instagrammer’s dream. Touristy as it sounds, I also think in front of the Sagrada Familia and Casa Battlo are also solid spots. And of course, any outdoor cafe terrace with a coffee in hand always does the trick!

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