Hotel Tips Everyone Needs To Know When Travelling

These hotel tips will change the game for your next stay.

A few good hotel tips can turn your average stay into something higher. Quite simply because you’ll have a way to sort out almost every mini-inconvenience a room can offer. From years of solo-travel/backpacking and a handful of common sense, I’ve managed to majorly improve my room experience in whichever accommodation I find myself. The trick? Making objects around me work harder. Yup.

Even in the most simple of rooms, I can assure you that you’ll find things which take your sleep to the next level or keep your belongings organised down to a T. I know this because I’ve seen, first-hand, how the definition of ‘basics’ can differ from one location to another. That’s exactly why this post is designed for absolutely everyone on their travels. If you want to maximise your room experience without really doing anything special, I’ve got you sorted.

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Rule Number 1: Ditch The Traditional Doorstop.

Allow me to explain. The pen sitting at your desk is going to be a life-saver when you need to bring things into your room but doors lock automatically. Trust me, it’s not fun when you’re standing in the hallway in a towel because you wanted to quickly grab lotion from the housekeeping cart. Putting a pen as a doorstop is genius because it’s small enough to go undetected and boring enough to not attract attention. Hello, does anything screen ‘My door is open!’ more than a traditional doorstop.

I’m not done though with the topics of pens and doorsteps though. If you are a solo-traveller who is looking for extra security features. Use the pen to keep your door closed. Literally. Just slide a pen under a door to reduce small gaps or cracks. You can also use a pen to check if anyone has been in your room whilst you were out. To do this, place the lid of a pen by an area of your room which has valuables. Take a picture of the positioning. Check the positioning when you’re back from exploring/working/being a tourist.

Rule Number 2: Check Out Which Coat Hangers Your Room Has.

By the end of this post, you should all be screaming with joy when you realise your accommodation has complementary hangers with rubber grips. This is because the quality of sleep you’ll have the same night will rapidly increase.

Unless you are the type of explorer who likes to be woken up at 5 am’s sunlight to go adventuring, you’ll probably want to have undisturbed rest for at least one morning. That’s where rubber grip hangers come in. You’ll be able to pinch together the room’s curtains to stop sunlight from sneaking through. How’s that for a handy hotel tip? As most places will have a few of them situated in wardrobes, I’ll tell you now that you should be making the most of all your rubber grips hangers. They don’t just have one use. Teaching you another little room hack in 3,2,1…

If you need to dry your towels or swimsuits on a balcony/outside, don’t you dare just drape them over the side! Is there anything more annoying than things like towels or bikini bottoms blowing away in the wind? Well, actually I’d say having your swimwear drop to the balcony below is worse BUT to avoid both these things, pinch the rubber grip hangers over your clothing then use the hook to secure onto a door handle. The weight of the hanger will keep everything in place and give you some reassurance that you won’t need to knock on someone’s door asking if they have seen your clothing.

Rule Number 3: Don’t Throw Out Those Shower Caps!

I’ve been saving this one for those who will make it near the end of this post, hehe. Don’t throw out those shower caps. If you actually use them every morning, ask reception for more! Disposable shower caps are the best way to store your muddy hiking shoes, your wet beachwear or your jewellery. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve used multiple shower caps to simplify my life. Whether you use them to store worn clothing, keep shoes free from leaking bottles or place them on your feet when walking through shared bathrooms, I can almost guarantee that you’ll find shower caps pretty revolutionary. Even more so when you realise you can store all your cables and chargers neatly into an unused shower cap when it’s time to check-out…

Rule Number 4: Turn That Paper Cup Upside Down.

You know the ones, those tiny little paper cups hotels have for rinsing. If you need to place your toothbrush into something, use these. You’ll need to flip it upside down and poke a hole into the bottom then you’re good to go. The reason why it’s better to reverse the paper cup is because your DIY toothbrush stand becomes balanced. If you just place your toothbrush into the cup directly, you might find that it topples over. An underrated hotel tip, for sure.

Rule Number 5: Sharing A Bed? Pillow Up The Middle.

Finally, a use for all the 30 pillows, plus the 5 in storage, found in every Air BnB or hotel. If you’re sharing a bed and want to establish some boundaries with anyone who hogs 90 percent of it, line the middle of the mattress with pillows. The height of the pillows combined will stop people from rolling into your side of the bed. This tip is also fantastic for people travelling with children who will be sharing a bed, as this is one way to stop petty fights about who has more space.


So there you have it. Who could have thought a pen, shower cap, rubber-grip hanger, paper cup and a bunch of pillows could re-vamp the way you reside in a room, eh? Whether you are planning a group backpacking trip, travelling solo, flying abroad for business or simply taking a staycation, keep the above hotel tips in mind.

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  1. 101% when I travel I prefer to stay in a Hostel, so that would be completely off to sharing a bed or anything. But yeah the washrooms are safe, what I end up doing is trying to get as early as possible before the line to get in extends. This was my simple hack when it comes to sharing the washrooms.

  2. Yes I saw the rubber grip hangers hack somewhere online and thought it was so freaking genius! Hate the sun streaming in first thing in the morning!great tips, thanks! Looking forward to traveling again so I can use these! 🙂

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