Everything You Need To Know About Henn-na Hotel In Myeongdong, Seoul

A complete overview of Henn-na Hotel in Seoul (Myeongdong)

The very first thing you should know about Henn-na Hotel in Myeongdong is that the receptionists are robots.

If this futuristic feature doesn’t sway you, the reasonable price point and undeniably-convenient location most likely will.

Generally speaking, hotel browsing can be so unnecessary stressful. Why is it that reviews are more helpful than the actual hotel description? You’ll probably spend a fair amount of time trawling through comments left by other visitors to find answers to the questions you really want to know.

Is the surrounding area safe? Can you store your luggage with reception if you arrive early? Are rooms spotlessly clean? What are the worst things about the hotel? Is breakfast even worth it? These are just some of the questions I’ll answer about Henn-na Hotel in Myeongdong, without sugar-coating, to help you decide whether this hotel will be your next booking or not.

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Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Henn-na Hotel In Myeongdong:

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But is Henn-na Hotel in Seoul really all that?

Here’s what it’s like to stay in one of the most desirable districts in South Korea…

What’s The Location Of Henn-na Hotel Like?

The hotel is situated in the heart of Myeongdong.

You’ll be a 2 minute walk from ‘Myeongdong’ subway station, and 30 seconds from the notoriously-popular ‘Myeongdong Street Food Market’.

In your immediate radius will be a 7-Eleven convenience store, Menten ramen (which is quite honestly life-changing), a currency exchange shop, and a handful of restaurants.

Venture a few steps further, and you’ve find the entire high-street on your doorstep.

Address: 59 Myeongdong 8ga-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Is The Hotel Easy To Reach?

Yes! Myeongdong subway station is about 2 minutes away, which can be reached via metro connections directly from the airport.

How Much Is Henn-na Hotel, Myeongdong?

I visited Seoul in November 2023, and for 11 nights the total price was 877£.

For the location, this felt like an absolute steal.

What’s Check-In Like?

The whole process is incredibly easy, as there’s two check-in machines located at the front of the reception desk.

All you’ll need to do is enter booking details to pull up your reservation. Key cards will then drop out.

While check-in starts at 3pm, you can actually store bags beforehand. To arrange this, you’ll need to press a button on the telephone located on the reception desk.

Paying for early check-in feels pointless, not only for this reason but also because there are bathrooms upon entrance.

Henn-na Hotel Myeongdong Seoul
Robot receptionists at Henn-na Hotel, Myeongdong.

What If I Need Help From A Human?

There’s a phone to call staff!

Staff reside in an office close to reception, so you won’t be waiting long before someone comes out to help. It’s rare you’ll require human assistance though.

What Are Rooms Like At Henn-na Hotel In Myeongdong?

The option I went for was the standard package.

The room has all the amenities you’d expect of a nice hotel, but perhaps with less space – made even smaller when you factor a few suitcases. However, the size of a basic room doesn’t feel suffocating.

Yet, additional factors to elevate the hotel experience included a flashlight when going to the bathroom at night, a bathrobe, and slippers.

Although, one of the most interesting features was the desk tablet. You can pretty much do everything on this little device, including requesting more towels/toiletries and setting a daily alarm.

The goods will then be brought to your room, by a robot.

Sorry for the spoiler, but it’s too cool to keep secret.

Henn-na Hotel Myeongdong Seoul
Henn-na Hotel interior at Myeongdong, Seoul.

Are There Elevators?

Yes there are 2 elevators.

Although, for safety reasons, guests can’t be in an elevator at the same time as a robot.

Does The Hotel Have Breakfast Options?


If you haven’t purchased the all-inclusive package, you can request a daily ticket for a breakfast buffet.

Out of sheer curiosity, I purchased breakfast once during my stay.

The fusion of traditionally-Korean breakfast options, alongside more universal offerings, was welcomed. At the time of writing, approximately 7£ provided unlimited servings of rice, eggs, meat, and seaweed, as a rough indication of ingredients.

The selection isn’t extensive by any means, but it felt fresh and was constantly replenished.

Observation: A large majority of breakfast foods were naturally gluten-free. Fellow gluten-free travellers notice these things.

What Are The Benefits Of Henn-na Hotel In Myeongdong?

  • K-beauty fans will be thrilled to hear that Henn-na Hotel has free samples of Klairs skincare*. There’s a limit of 6 samples per person, but nobody keeps tabs on the products you choose. Interpret that as you wish…
  • The reception lobby is immaculately clean. I feel like this is a partial correlation to the visible ‘NO EATING’ signs.
  • Interactions are minimal, so your stay feels undisturbed and independent. Housekeepers changing your bed, storing luggage, and purchasing breakfast tickets will be the only times you’ll see hotel staff. If you need any additional items, the tablet mentioned above will be the first point of contact.

*The samples fly off the shelves quickly, but are usually restocked just after 3pm.

The room tablet you can do almost everything on.

And The Downsides?

There weren’t really any major deal breakers, if I’m being honest, but there were a few aspects which visitors should know.

  • The room temperature was hit or miss. There’s a control panel to adjust settings, but finding the right balance was a slight mission.
  • Perhaps this is fairly normal, but it was a shame that personal log-in details were needed to use Netflix. In an ideal world, there’d be an account already set-up by the hotel.
  • There’s no lounge in reception. Instead, you’ll find a small ledge to sit by the window.

Does The Hotel + Area Feel Safe?


Elevators require a hotel card to function, which limits the possibility of strangers entering the facility.

Myeongdong, as a district, is brightly-lit and constantly full of people. You’ll never feel spooked out if walking alone. However, a street-smart mentality is crucial wherever you travel…

Overall Thoughts On Henn-na Hotel In Myeongdong + Final Conclusion:

In short, I’d run back to this hotel should I return to Seoul.

The location was a major selling point, as was the smoothness of check-in. Not to mention the Korean skincare available!

The slight flaw was the small room space. Although, is this really something you’re going to notice when sleeping is your only hotel motive?

The streets of Seoul are too magical to see from your window, after all.

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  1. Hahaha, I just stayed in a Henn Na hotel in Japan!! They’re so cool. We went to one where the “receptionists” were robot DINOSAURS! The most fun hotel experience I’ve ever had! I’d definitely stay in this one if we make it to Seoul.

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