A Guide To Being Gluten Free In Barcelona

Looking for gluten-free food in Barcelona? This post covers the very best restaurants, bakeries + dessert spots

This post is for my fellow gluten-free explorers in Barcelona who want a condensed guide. I get it, navigating life around an allergy or intolerance is hard. You know what’s harder though? Travelling with an allergy. However, if it’s Barcelona you’ve got your heart set on, I’m about to put your mind at ease. You see, there’s something about the cosmopolitan Catalan ‘capital’ that makes gluten-free foodies feel seen. You won’t need to bend over backwards for a coeliac-friendly burger. With that, I invite you to steal the food spots I’ve revisited time and time again, as an ex-Barcelona resident who’s avoided wheat for years.

An authentic Spanish/Catalan restaurant which doesn’t serve a scrap of gluten? A fish + chip shop (I’m a Brit okay), where you’ll be able to comfortably eat? A venue with dumplings which are safe for the allergic or intolerant? That’s just a handful of the suggestions you’ll find with me. Oh, it’s worth mentioning – I also spill details of a gluten-free brownie stand that tastes so magical you’d probably want to gatekeep.

Let’s break it down, I’ve included little ‘FYI’ points to make eating out easier, words to plaster into our phone’s ‘reminder’ section, and two categories – food suggestions with multiple gluten-free options, and a list of dedicated gluten-free spots if your allergies are more severe. Whether you’re doing half a day in Barcelona, or planning a whole week of ticking off cool things to do in BCN, buckle up. You’re about to eat real good.

Hopping over the border to Portugal instead, for a weekend in Lisbon? There’s a gluten-free ‘pastel de nata’ bakery I know you’ll dribble over. Milan is also very solid for gluten-free diets!

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Things To Know Before Eating Gluten-Free In Barcelona.

Generally speaking, life in Barcelona as a gluten-free or gluten-intolerant individual isn’t too challenging. Although, we need to discuss the below.

-You won’t always find a designated zone of gluten-free products in supermarkets, but that doesn’t mean these products don’t exist. For example, our cookies are located with the ‘regular’ cookies, and so on. This definitely confused me when I first moved to BCN.

-Analyse the dried meats, even if you think they’ll be okay. You’d be surprised at how many aren’t actually gluten-free. A failproof brand I usually pick up in stores is ‘La Selva’, when I’m craving charcuterie-board snacks.

-McDonald’s in Spain has gluten-free bread. This is not a drill. I repeat, this is not a drill. That will be 5 cheeseburgers please.

Gluten-Free Phrases + Words In Catalan And Spanish To Memorise.

Language barrier causing a few problems? Ingredient list looking slightly confusing? Google Translate playing up? I’ll help you out. Jot down the below.

‘I Have A Gluten Intolerance’Tinc Una Intolerància Al GlutenTengo Una Intolerancia Al Gluten
‘I’m Coeliac’Sóc Celíac/aSoy Celíaco/a
‘Can You Make This Gluten Free?’Pots Fer-Ho Sense Gluten¿Puedes Hacerlo Sin Gluten?
May Contain Traces Of…Pot Contenir Traces De…Puede Contener Trazas De…
Key Phrases + Words To Help You Out If You’re Gluten Free In Barcelona
Gluten Free In Barcelona - Custard Donut From Jansana Bakery
@ Jansana Bakery.

Much-Loved Food Spots In Barcelona With Gluten-Free Options.

Disclaimer: Some links are affiliates, which help me to fund this blog. They don’t cost you a penny nor do they change the page content in any way.

You’re with a large group of people, they all want to go to one certain place, but you’re quietly freaking out because you know your options will be somewhat limited. What to do, WHAT TO DO? Before you look up the words for ‘it’s okay, I’ll just have some shredded lettuce it’s fine honestly’, I’ll list a few adored sites with multiple options for everyone.


‘Copasetic’ is an absolute favourite, due to the kitchen’s willingness to make almost everything gluten-free, lactose-free or vegan. That includes crepes, too. The interior is cosy, and somewhat cramped, but you won’t bat an eyelid as it’s the insanely-good food which does the talking.

Copasetic has another selling point. An unbeatable location. You’ll be a few minutes away from ‘Rocafort’ station, close to the ‘Plaça d’Espanya’ region, which is also handy if you’re staying at Leonardo Hotel Gran Via. This is THE accomodation I’d recommend to anyone who wants to crash at a nice, yet reasonably-priced, hotel.

Best for: Brunch which actually keeps you full.

Copasetic Address: C/ de la Diputació, 55, 08015 Barcelona, Spain.

Out Of China

Chinese cuisine is usually a tricky one when you’re gluten-free, however what if I told you there’s a restaurant in Barcelona where you can eat gluten-free dumplings? ‘Out Of China’ is sensational for food-labelling, and with promises to expand their already-extensive gluten-free alternatives, you already know this place needs to be prioritised when you’re next in BCN.

Best for: A nostalgic moment for anyone who hasn’t had a Chinese takeout in years.

Out Of China Address: C/ d’Aribau, 112, 08036 Barcelona, Spain.

L’Arrossería Xàtiva

‘L’Arrossería Xàtiva’ is known for having impressive paella choices at no-fuss price points. Although, there’s potentially another victory.  At time of writing, I was told any fried goods were done with chickpea flour, making them gluten-free. Interesting. However, it’s worth double checking when ordering to confirm whether this unofficial rule stands the test of time, and is not just a rumour.

Best for: As you can imagine, paella.

Multiple Locations.

Conesa Entrepans

‘Conesa Entrepans’ is a legendary deli-style sandwich shop, with a high success rate of products that can be made gluten-free. Into statistics? The website states 90 percent of sandwiches are adaptable to our diets. How’s that for a quick pitstop when you’re roaming the streets of Barcelona? There’s no risk of cross-contamination either, as the gluten-free sandwiches are genuinely made separately, and distinguished with a sticker.

Best for: A majorly elevated version of ‘Subway’, if you will.

Conesa Entrepans Address: Carrer de la Llibreteria, 1, 08002 Barcelona, Spain.

Goiko Grill

Can we clap for ‘Goiko Grill’? There’s vegan burgers, veggie burgers, gluten-free swaps, and even low-carb alternatives, so when I say everyone eats well here I really do mean it. Goiko’s is probably the restaurant I think about the most when I’m in the UK. Try a burger and you’ll see why.

Goiko’s Burgers.

Best for: When you’re feeling kinda down and need food to pick your mood back up.

Multiple Locations.

Foster’s Hollywood

Foster’s is most similar to ‘Hard Rock Café’, if I were pushed to make a comparison. It’s your typically American-inspired fast-food joint, but with a separate gluten-free menu should you need it. The only frustrating part is that not all restaurants will have this menu, so it’s very hit-and-miss depending on which chain you visit. With certainty, the branch at ‘Splau’ shopping centre will be a positive experience.

Best for: Casual lunch or spontaneous fast-food dates. There’s no need to make a reservation here.

Multiple Locations (but not all locations have a gluten-free menu)


‘Telepizza’ has 3 gluten-free options for you to try out, when you’ve been hit with a desire to shove down pizza. These include BBQ, Bacon and ummm, Carbonara? The good thing though, is that the website specifically acknowledges coeliac lifestyles. That’s the type of reassurance we love.

Best for: ‘I don’t feel like cooking’ moments in the Air BnB.

Multiple Locations.

Fully Avoiding The Presence Of Gluten? Try These Places Instead!

If you prefer additional security when you’re eating out, the below list contains food spots in Barcelona which are completely gluten-free. See, even coeliac wanderlusts can have a true foodie experience in BCN. Things we love to hear? This.


There’s no crumbling cakes or weird dough-like taste over at ‘Glutery’. This coffee shop masters texture like no other. However, the must-ty item on the menu is arguably the empanadas! Rumour has it, the focaccias are all vegan too…

Best for: When you want more than your standard coffee-shop pastry options.

Glutery Address: Carrer del Torrent de l’Olla, 85, 08012 Barcelona, Spain.

Gula Sana

‘Gula Sana’ is one of the best places to grab breakfast in Barcelona, if you need something without risk of contamination. I would even go as far as to say, ‘Gula Sana’ is like the entirely gluten-free sister of ‘Copasetic’. I’d highly suggest popping in.

Best for: Instagrammable breakfast that tastes good.

Gula Sana Address: C/ de la Diputació, 361, 08009 Barcelona, Spain.

La Browneria Gluten Free

You might be thinking, have I just stumbled across a gluten-free brownie place? You HAVE. ‘La Browneria’ whip up their items from Belgian chocolate, and make it known they have tempting batter seasoning. There’s more to life than plain choco chip. ‘Dulce de Leche’ brownie, guys?

La Browneria Gluten Free.

Best for: Seriously, when is it ever a bad time for a brownie?

La Browneria Gluten Free Address: C/ de Girona, 114, 08009 Barcelona, Spain.

The Fish + Chips Shop Gluten Free

Now, how could I possibly make a list of gluten-free recommendations in Barcelona for my mostly-UK based audience without adding a fish and chip option, huh? I’ve seen Google reviews rave about this coeliac-friendly location serving up some of the best fish + chips of all time, so that counts for something right? Just be sure to head to the specific location, as there’s branches which aren’t gluten-free.

Best for: When you’re after comforts from home.

The Fish And Chips Shop Gluten Free Address: C/ de Casanova, 91, 08011 Barcelona, Spain.

Restaurant Gut

Fully gluten-free? Check. Health Conscious? Check. Mediterranean ingredients infused with international elements? Check. We’re talking a triple combo. ‘Restaurant Gut’ is the type of place you’d struggle to believe is suitable for those with food restrictions, as the dishes simply don’t miss when it comes to taste. This is your sign to experiment with fusion flavours.

Best for: A cosy date-night meal.

Restaurant Gut Address: Carrer del Perill, 13, 08012 Barcelona, Spain.

En Ville Gluten Free Barcelona

‘En Ville’ is a true gem within the Raval district, and one you’d best make time for if you want to sample real Catalan food. Why? Award-winning credentials. The concept of tapas-style plates never seemed more appealing.

Best for: Authentic Catalan/Spanish options.

En Ville Gluten Free Address: C. del Doctor Dou, 14, 08001 Barcelona, Spain.

Messié Sin Gluten

‘Messié’ is addictive. As in, you’ll probably visit a few times within the span of a few days. Bold statement? Perhaps so. Accurate statement though? Absolutely. When you can’t detect the pizzas are gluten-free, you know you’re onto a real winner. More of a dessert person? You’re not limited for choice, but I’d like to give a specific shout-out to the banana cake…

Messié Sin Gluten.

Best for: Satisfying pizza and pasta cravings to the fullest.

Messié Sin Gluten Muntaner Address: C/ de Muntaner, 109, 08036 Barcelona, Spain.


Going to ‘Jansana’ just to buy one item is near-impossible. You see glazed donuts, and think, I’ll have one. Then you spot an apple pastry, and think ‘oh, I’ve not seen that as gluten-free before, I’ll have that too’, then you eye-up the tiramisu and think, hmm yes. Before you know it, you’re spending 20 euros on baked goods. A small price to pay for happiness though.


Best for: When the sweet tooth hits, or you’re after a quick snack.

Jansana Address: C/ de Balmes, 106, 08008 Barcelona, Spain.


Finally, a coffee shop I’ve seen but have yet to try. Interestingly, ‘Cøliaki’ is located in the same area as ‘Jansana’, so it really seems like a battle of the best gluten-free bakeries. To be confirmed on which reigns supreme.

Gluten Free Barcelona - Cøliaki

Cøliaki Address: C/ de Balmes, 217, 08006 Barcelona, Spain.

And there you have it. A series of treasured finds to make eating gluten-free in Barcelona a thing of enjoyment. If I were you, I’d be making some reservations right about now…

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