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10 Of The Best Places For Food In Barcelona

A condensed guide for eating good in Barcelona.

Food in Barcelona can be so hit-or-miss, as there’s a huge market for satisfying the stomachs of hungry tourists. However, if you’ve followed my blog for a while you’ll know how much I encourage you to step away from highly-populated tourist zones for food.

That’s why I’ve put together a list walking through 10 of Barcelona’s best places for food. From the perspective of someone who wants to keep you away from bland food. Further down you’ll find a bit of everything, to ensure all bases are covered.

We’ve got budget eats, a wicked place for brunch, and my favourite spot for sushi. The featured restaurants also take into account dietary requirements, which is why most recommendations are suited to gluten-free, vegan or veggie diets.

Before we get into it, if you’re looking for even more Barcelona food content I’ll point you towards some pre-reading: 5 Food Spots Only Locals Will Know

10 Unmissable Food Places In Barcelona

Simply screenshot and you’re all set. I bet you wish all holiday planning was this easy, right?

Messié Gluten Free Pizza For Allergens

Caldeni for Meat-Eaters

Disfrutar for Fine-Dining

FOC BARCELONETA for Latin-American Nibbles

Copasetic for Casual Lunch

Conesa Entrepans for Snacks

Ziqi for Sushi + Ramen

Chivuo’s for Street-Food

Picnic for Brunch

Windsor for Date-Night

Koy Shunka for Michelin Star

Rasoterra for Veggies & Vegans

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  1. Have never been to BCN but would love to go one day. When my husband and I were in Italy for our honeymoon, our number one rule was to ask the hotel staff or wherever we were staying about the best local spots to dine at. Never disappointed us! 🙂

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