8 Cool Places To Visit In The UK This Summer – Staycation Activities.

Summer is looking crazy. Delayed flights, excessive ticket prices and lost luggage is enough to put even the most avid travellers on pause. However, a pause is exactly what I needed to finally check out UK-based activities. I’m known for spontaneous moments, after all. Thinking about a unique date night idea? Looking for a fun group motive? Want a different type of Saturday night entertainment? I’ve toured around the UK to find you epic things to do this for summer. I guess you could call this post a mini staycation guide, serving up inspo for domestic travel without the FOMO factor.

If you are planning on heading outside the UK, you might find my latest post useful. There’s insight on what a TripAdvisor tour is really like. Read about my time travelling with a group here.

Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course, Various locations.

As the name suggests, this spot is a replica of the ITV show, Ninja Warrior. A chance to flex on your fitness, or make a fool out of yourself. Either way, you’ll have the best time releasing your inner child in this fitness-inspired course. The obstacles suit various levels, right from beginner to absolute beast. However, very few individuals attempted the most challenging zones. It’s that intense. The obstacle course is available across various cities, including Edinburgh, Liverpool, Sheffield and Milton Keynes to name a few.

Personal thoughts? The whole thing was wicked. I enjoyed the inflatable section and ground-level equally, but spent most of my time bouncing around. A few observations though, if you have gym gloves your chances of tackling the obstacle will increase considerably. My hands were busted after a while without them. Bring your own though, as they come at an additional charge like the mandatory socks you’re required to purchase. You also don’t need two hours here so stick with the 1-hour slot, as you’ll be exhausted from non-stop running when the 60 minutes is up. To be honest, you could probably win a few extra minutes with ease. The induction is self-led so if your wristband isn’t on display, you could get inside earlier. However, you didn’t hear that from me. Wink. For more information, check out the Ninja Warrior Website.

The Big London Bake.

Inspired by ‘The Great British Bakeoff’, The Big London Bake allows you to test your skills to see if you’re all talk. You know, if you ever wanted to apply for the real thing. The good news is that no experience is needed, so don’t sweat if your baking is reliant on packet sponge mix. Still feeling nervous? The recipe will guide you through it all. Essentially, you’ll be up against other visitors to whisk up the winning cake within 90 minutes. The judging panel will then make the all-important decision, whilst you marvel at your creation. Or eye up the other cakes with total envy. Click here for The Big London Bake or here, if you require The Big Birmingham Bake.

Backyard Cinema, London.

Nothing screams ‘good vibes’ louder than Backyard Cinema. For the ultimate summer enjoyment, make your way down to themed screenings at this quirky movie theatre. You’ll be in one of two locations, either ‘Miami Beach’ or ‘LA’, but both venues are incredible. Backyard Cinema is more pricey than your standard event, but the novelty props, staff performances and interesting seating arrangements will win you over. Spoiler alert though, don’t wear your best kicks as the floor is covered in sand. Hey, I care about your shoes okay!

Points to note, the website states you can’t sneak in your own food. However, nobody checked my bag when I entered. This is probably the only similarity to a typical cinema lol. Although, just outside the reception, you’ll be able to order a range of street food and cocktails. This part is accessible without a ticket. For a list of film screenings and available dates, you’ll find more information on Backyard Cinema Website

OTHERWORLD Virtual Reality Experience, Various locations.

There’s something incredibly futuristic about VR. OTHERWORLD is no exception, with the entire location designed to bring extra galactic feels. There are also 16 virtual games to keep you busy, welcoming the skills of both newbies and experienced gamers. Whilst the private pods permit one, so you’re looking at a private show, you’ll be connected with your party via headsets to join games together. Any points collected during your session turn into tokens, which you can redeem against drinks at the refreshment station. Prices vary, dependent on the time and day you visit. However, costs are still under the Β£25 mark if you go with the 55-minute bundle.

There’s an instant helpline to sort out any technical glitches, with any lost time automatically added to your game. It’s also worth noting, dizziness is very real so if you’re prone to motion sickness keep that in mind. For more information, I’ll add the OTHERWORLD website.

Afternoon Tea at Cadbury World, Bournville.

Could you ask for anything more nostalgic? Whilst many are familiar with the much-loved confectionery that is Cadbury, very few know about the afternoon tea package at Cadbury World. Now, I’ve had a few afternoon tea visits during my lifetime but this was definitely one of the most memorable. The combination of sweet + savoury items on visually-appealing boards guarantees a content camera roll, whilst your taste buds are treated to mouth-watering Cadbury goods. As veggie and gluten-free diets are catered for, there’s very little I could fault. Your ticket also covers a tour of the chocolate factory, walking you through memory lane. Go for the samples alone, or to try your hand at playing with tempered chocolate. To check out available dates I’ll add a link to afternoon tea at Cadbury World.

Additional Places To Visit…

For more suggestions on things to do in the UK, have a look at the below activities.

-Lucardo Escape Rooms, Manchester.

-Immersive Gamebox, Various locations.

-Treetop Adventure Golf, Various locations.

I want to see all of you have a summer filled with core memories. If you’ve been to any locations featured, or are planning to, let me know. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. Seeing all of the crazy airport queues and cancelled flights this summer, I’m glad to be staying home at the moment. Living in a big city like London makes for a very convenient staycation, and the afternoon tea at Cadbury World is calling my name…on this side of the pond, I’m enjoying the summer with coffee dates and exploring what Los Angeles has to offer…and hopefully some beach time later on in the season! Wishing you a wonderful summer, Yaz. πŸ™‚

    1. Me too! I keep hearing stories of suitcases going missing and it makes me anxious even though I never check in a bag πŸ˜‚ And that sounds so lovely! Let me know any hidden gems you discover in LA ☺️ p.s… I love seeing all your bakes on IG!