How To Travel The World On A Budget

If you’ve stumbled across this post then I’m gonna guess you’ve Googled something alone the lines of ‘How to travel the world on a budget’ at least once in your lifetime. Ahh the formula that everyone wants to crack. We’ve probably all had travel experiences where half our bank account has left within a few days. Sure, eating at fancy restaurants, attending every event you lay your eyes on and shopping until you drop sounds good but is unrealistic to maintain. By the end of this piece, you’ll pick up budgeting tips to incorporate into your adventures, tested by yours truly.

Research The Things You’d Least Expect.

If you want to wing a trip, be my guest. However, at least research transportation routes. You know those designated tourist buses which take you from the city to the airport? So many of them are more inflated versions of local buses/trains going the same way. One example is the tourist bus in Barcelona. 6 euros for a ticket to the airport when you can get a local bus to the same place for less than 2 euros? These things add up over time.

Skip The Accommodation.

If it seems pointless to book a room for only a few hours sleep, head straight to the airport. Every airport will have a section to crash for the night, even if it might not be the most comfortable. For when you do get to your hotel, check out this post: Room Hacks Every Backpacker, Nomad & Solo-Traveller Needs To Know. Now.

Bulk-Buy Gifts From The Supermarket.

No, you don’t need to skip souvenirs when you’re doing travel on a budget. However, you need to be more savvy. Purchasing gifts from local supermarkets is a game-changer. What better way to bulk-buy gifts? When it comes to presents, I usually buy confectionery or spices to put into a food hamper. Need the presentation to look elite? Get a little box or gift-bag and add some tissue paper.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled.

Walking tours happen all the time. Apps like ‘Eventbrite’ are a great starting point for finding activities in your city, and the most natural way to meet fellow travellers. Planning a few paid activities? Most places have days/times where entry is cheaper, if not completely free.

Space Out Your Plans.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll want to do as much as you can on the first day of your trip. This is where most money leaves my card, as I’m in such a bubble and say yes to everything. Recently though, I’ve realised that when I space out my plans I end up saving more coins. Allow me to explain. You see, if I leave something until day 3 of my trip by the time that morning arrives, I’ve usually found a more affordable alternative. This also ties into the above paragraph, where I mentioned how some days offer cheaper entry.

Separate Pocket For Coins And Notes.

This was a little technique I learnt whilst on the road. Essentially, all you need to do is make sure you fully use up your coins before you head into the pocket with your card/notes. Treat yourself by all means, but do you really need an impulse buy which breaks into a 20 dollar bill? Thought not.

Take Advantage Of Inclusive Breakfast.

Stock up on pre-packaged snacks and fill up all your water bottles. Nobody will stop you from making yourself a bagel for lunch either. By making your own snacks/lunches, you’ll save without thinking about it. Oh, another thing. Earlier, I mentioned why regular supermarket trips on your travels need to happen. However, don’t leave without something for yourself. See it as fuel. You’ll be thankful when you’re half-way through your exploring and get a craving for something sweet. No more paying-5-euro-for-a-Kit Kat-from-a-tourist-stall over here.

Once you combine a few of the above points together, you’ll notice the difference + see travel is fully possible, and enjoyable, on a budget. It’s how I’ve been able to continue travelling when I’ve nearly run out of funds. Yup – Have a browse through my socials!

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  1. I pretty much do everything you listed on here! After over four years of solo travel, I’ve learned to become more aware of my expenses and time whenever I’m going out for a trip. One thing I do hope to do is to plan out my itinerary so that I wouldn’t need to sleep overnight in an airport anymore, all the while not have to pay for a hotel for a single night’s sleep. That means I’ll have to just catch a flight during the day in order to return within the day!

  2. Nice post! I would also contibute that sharing a taxi / transport is another great way to save. I have shared rides with fellow travelers/strangers all over the place. It’s very economical and a good way to make a quick friend.

      1. Haha no. I usually just see another person at an airport/hotel/bus station/train station or whenever and say “hey where are you going? Wanna share a ride?” I’ve done it a lot if there isn’t any public transport to take or if there is a long wait until the next bus or whatever.

  3. Just started to realize the real value of Free Walking Tours on our last trip! We were able to explore our city more and were able to come back to places that the guides recommended. Separating coins from bills is a novel idea to me. Will give that one a try on our next trip. Awesome content!