The Blogger Behind The Strawberry Snaps.

This is Yaz.

Yaz is a twenty-something British travel blogger with a case of major wanderlust. Spontaneous travel is her thing, and overdressing in every location is somewhat of a personality trait.

She’s been solo-travelling the world for various years, and writing for 6, while working/studying full-time. Since then, Yaz has been featured in various travel apps, published articles for travel blogs, guest-starred on travel podcasts + built a strong community of readers.

Yaz has gained trust amongst her following for her straight-to-the-point approach to documenting travel. On ‘Thestrawberrysnaps’, she makes clear content her absolute priority. There’s no gatekeeping over on this travel blog! Equally, if Yaz doesn’t rate a place, she’ll tell you directly.

When she’s not creating content, you’ll probably find her volunteering, in the dance studio or trying to convince everyone that custard donuts are better than jam.

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