How To Style A Capsule Wardrobe For Travel

Travelling with endless bags is never fun. That’s facts, right? However, struggling to put outfits together with limited clothing is also not fun. Who wants to be stressed when on holiday because they have nothing to wear? Not me lol. That’s why the concept of a capsule wardrobe becomes truly game-changing. Essentially, the whole idea is to focus on timeless and staple pieces which are versatile. Although, once you’ve gathered a selection of clothes which fit the criteria, half the battle is finding combinations for them. Even more so when you’re travelling only with hand-luggage. To help out, I wanted to share my recent capsule wardrobe for a trip I took in September/October. Not that I needed any excuse to link fashion with travel…

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Now let’s set the scene a bit. Imagine you’re going on a trip to a warmer climate around September/October time for 5 days. You’ve only got a small bag with you and you’re already planning on wearing your trusty leather/faux leather jacket to the airport. So what on earth do you take with you?

Besides the obvious, plenty of underwear and socks, look at items which you can majorly put to WORK. We need clothes to look effortlessly cool in multiple combinations. We also need to be practical and take laundry sachets. I always have some in my bag when travelling, so that I can wash my clothes and let dry on the balcony. You know what? I even have laundry sachets in my everyday bag. You never know when you’re going to spill something down you….

Below, you’ll find my capsule wardrobe list for the scenario mentioned above. Of course, feel free to switch out any items you don’t like or don’t have.

Leather Jacket – Shirt Jacket – Casual Dress – Waist Belt

Silk/Satin Shirt – Crop Top – Plain Tops x3 – Long Sleeved Top

Silk/Satin Shorts – Cycle Shorts – Black Trousers/Leggings

Sneakers x1 – Chunky Boots x1

The Results…

Idea 1: Chunky Boots + Casual Bodycon Dress + Shirt Jacket.

Idea 2: Chunky Boots + Casual Bodycon Dress + Long-Sleeve Top.

In the below photo, you’ll see an example of the same dress and shoes but in different situations. Please note these two pictures aren’t from the same trip but are both the same outfits I took with me for my recent vacation. The second photo was how I glammed up a simple dress for an evening dinner. I just added a long-sleeve top and removed the tights – loved this look!

Idea 3: Cycle Shorts + Crop Top + Trainers.

Idea 4: Trainers + Cycle Shorts + Crop Top + Silk/Satin Shirt (worn open)

I find cycle shorts such a versatile item to style. They look dressy with a blazer or shirt, yet stay comfortable. In the next two pictures, the first one was when I paired cycle shorts with a very basic t-shirt and trainers for a day of sight-seeing. As the cycle shorts were made from a shiny material, they didn’t feel boring. The second picture was when I wanted something a bit more stylish for a day of shopping, so went for a silk shirt layered with a crop top underneath.

Idea 5: Trainers + Plain Top + Satin/Silk Floaty Shorts + Waist Belt.

Idea 6: Satin/Silk Floaty Shorts + Satin/Silk Shirt + Chunky Boots.

Idea 7: Plain Top + Satin/Silk Floaty Shorts + Chunky Boots + Jacket.

Idea 8: Black Trousers + Silk/Satin Shirt + Waist Belt + Trainers.

Idea 9: Plain Top + Bodycon Dress (Over the top of the dress to look like a skirt) + Trainers + Jacket.

Idea 10: Jacket + Black Trousers/Leggings + Crop Top + Trainers.

As you can see, I formed 10 outfit ideas with the basics I packed. This allowed me to change outfits in the evenings, and also provided a safety net if I got bored of anything throughout the day. Something I adore doing is playing around with the form of clothing. In the below pictures, I am wearing the same top but in the first photo, I’ve tied it up at the back to appear cropped. In the second picture, I’ve left it long and secured with a waist belt.

Another tip for maximising use from a capsule wardrobe is to mix + match fabrics. By incorporating various textures, items become easier to dress up for evenings. This is why I prefer packing satin/silk pieces, for example. Whilst these do tend to wrinkle more, they don’t take up much space. That’s a win if you ask me *wink face*

If you’re struggling to organise your baggage when travelling, purchase elastic bands immediately. Trust me, there is nothing better to roll your clothes with. The fact everything stays neat and easy to navigate? A bonus.

Until then, see you in the next post!

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  1. Rebecca says:

    I’m no fashionista (and honestly, I wear the same two pairs of pants and shirts for most trips!), but your style is GOALS! I don’t care too much about packing any particular clothes for travel, as long as I’m reusing the same underwear or start smelling bad, haha…very ingenious way of how to pack light, yet travel stylishly with your post, though!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Rebecca says:

      *not reusing the same underwear, whoops!

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Thank you so much! That’s really kind of you 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

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