10 Content Ideas Bloggers Can Do From Home

There are endless planners, scheduling apps and informative posts on generating content ideas out there. However, these tools seem to miss several things. First of all, not everyone has an aesthetically-pleasing backdrop. Secondly, many people are not full-time content creators, and thirdly, to have a content strategy you need the inspiration! Writer’s block is REAL, and can’t always be overcome by purchasing a new diary (trust me, I’ve tried). That’s why I wanted to help fellow content creators by sharing some of the ways I’ve continued blogging during the pandemic, all from my bedroom desk. I’ve even added some examples of content produced. The best way to get the most of out this post is to view each point as a building block for further ideas. That way, you’ll be able to apply to your chosen niche (or niches!) in various ways. After all, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to blogging.

Storytelling. On the days where I wasn’t feeling 100 percent creative, I wrote about my worst travel fails, funniest moments abroad and my personal blogging journey. For these posts, reflection was the only thing I really needed. What’s not to like?

Behind The Scenes. I feel like this content idea is particularly well received if you show ‘behind the scenes’ of either a photoshoot you’ve done or your daily routine. If you can add value to someone’s life when exposing your routine or provide some entertainment, even better. Going down the photo route? You could either record the set-up for a collaboration you’ve done or a mini self-photoshoot. In fact, the latter is what I did recently when I was about to throw out some old magazines. I decided to stick them onto a wall (with tape, no damage to the walls don’t worry haha) and grab out the ring light. The end results were fun but the process of documenting everything provided the steps for anyone who wanted to create the same sort of visuals. Click the ‘IG’ icon to see how it turned out!

DIY Projects. If you’re making homemade gifts of whatever sort, write about it! I mean, if platforms like Tik Tok have shown us anything it’s that people love to see things that can be done with household items. Just ensure it has some relevance to your blog niche. For example, if I take the topic of travel I might choose to do a DIY project with instructions on creating a postcard vision board or scrapbook. You could also create a virtual vision board with both old and new photos, then make a post out of it with location tags. What better way to serve up feel-good inspiration? Don’t forget to link to Pinterest!

Share Your Expertise. The nice thing about this content idea is that any topic goes. Truly. There are genuinely so many ways you could do this, such as through workshops, guides or videos. You never know who you may help. For instance, I saw the need for a no-nonsense guide to Barcelona so created a free e-book to assist with planning a trip there. I’ll add it here for you if you want to check it out. No email address required, as it’s a pdf.

*Just to note with the above, sharing your skills is also a good way to start generating long-term income from blogging if you’re unsure where to start! It’s important to offer valuable resources for free, however, so that people can gain a sample of what you have to offer.

Questions + Answers. Regardless of what your blog is about, doing an occasional ‘Get To Know Me’ is pretty important for solidifying friendships made from the online world. I love finding out more about fellow bloggers and would never hesitate to click on a ‘Q + A’ post! If you don’t want to do a session about yourself, you could always do a Q + A on your blogging field or even combine the two. I’ll link my one here, for anyone who is curious about the person behind ‘Thestrawberrysnaps’.

Casual Chat. If you’re struggling to connect with your audience or having trouble with showing your personality through posts, something on life updates, goals, plans or future projects might help. My favourite way to do this is through live videos, as I can answer any questions which come through at the same time. Feeling a little camera shy? Don’t worry! A written version of events isn’t a bad idea. It’s all about connection.

Resources. Again, this is another content idea which gives you plenty of room for experimenting. You could either list the things you use when blogging, such as devices, editing tools or websites, or create your own templates. Some ideas could be a free checklist for something or a list. These aren’t too complex to put together and provide something of value to your audience. ‘Canva’ is a great starting place for beginners looking to create digital items.

Interviews With Other Bloggers. It goes without saying, we learn so much from others. Having a guest blogger on your account not only connects you to new topics, perspectives and insights but also allows you to gain more exposure into new audiences. Some ways you could do this are through newsletters, features, guest speakers on podcasts or campaigns.

Advice. I guess you could also call this ‘Troubleshooting’. The reason why I find this effective is because you’re informing your audience on topics which are often experienced. For example, this year I completed a mini series covering everything from losing a passport to making phone battery last longer. The topics related to my niche but weren’t fully linked to travel, which meant I had endless options to write about. Once all the factual research + evidence checks are out the way, you can start thinking about how you’d like to present this piece of content – Is it going to be a collection of posts? A YouTube series? A video? If you want a more informal piece of content, you could also ask your readers what THEY would do. One thing I did was bring up some embarrassing moments to keep things comical. Engagement was good because people could share their own experiences.

Finally, Interactive ‘Would You Rather’. Not all content needs to inform or promote. Some days you just want to keep things light-hearted. One post I particularly enjoyed was from a writer who did a whole article on ‘would you rather’ questions relating to her niche. The questions made me stop, think and then comment my answer. Not a bad way to get readers involved eh? I’ve also seen bloggers do ’60 second challenges’ with the whole ‘would you rather’ theme too, for anyone who prefers video as a form of expressing themselves.

And that’s a wrap! I was inspired to write this post because I noticed how lack of travel impacted the type of content I was able to push out. I mean, travel blogging without travelling? Challenging at first. Later down the line though? An opportunity to branch out. For this reason, I wanted to show you a handful of suggestions to get those creative juices flowing. Hopefully, you’ve found something in here which can be lined up for next time.

Until then, see you in a future post

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  1. Thanks for this. Travel is high on my list.

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    1. Thanks for reading 🙂


  2. Vansh Tiwari says:

    I liked behind the scenes, in fact, I have created BTS for one of my blog posts.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s great! I’m excited to check it out !

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  3. Storytelling is my jam, mainly because I don’t have to do much research. And there’s only one of me, so I can be unique that way, right? Right? 😛

    Anyway, great post here. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Yup! Exactly, I like that way of thinking ! Thanks so much 🙂

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  4. This is a great compilation of topics! It beats staring at a blinking cursor. What I tend to do also is right down questions and answer them. It usually generates flow of ideas and topics as I see them in the same page.

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    1. Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed the post ☺️ And that’s a brilliant idea which you mentioned! Thank you for sharing

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