How I Keep My Motivation Up When Travel Blogging

You’d be lying if you said every single day you had the time or motivation to blog. Writer’s block happens to us all at some point. It can be frustrating to have an idea in your head which doesn’t convey well when you try to put the words together. As a result, you might abandon the idea or revisit it at a future date. However, writer’s block can sometimes be a blessing in disguise. Hear me out. Losing motivation to consistently write doesn’t always need to be a negative, as it can propel your blog into greater things. I mean, I would know. After taking a break a few years ago from writing, I came back with full force. I’ll link my blogging story here: My Story: How, When + Why I Got Into Blogging. For now though, let’s talk keeping motivation up when travel and lifestyle blogging.

Reflect, Reflect And Reflect When You Travel Blog

One of my favourite ways to get out of a hole when struggling to find motivation is to reflect on the wider picture. Is there a certain reason why I am unable to put into words an idea I have? Do I lack research? Am I unhappy with the layout and design? By taking a step back and simply thinking about my idea, I am able to get some redirection and clarity. The way I personally like to reflect is by reading through previous, or older, posts then making a checklist. Some checks I like to make are seeing if my posts are useful, entertaining and informative. I also like to ensure the titles of my posts are as clear as possible. Once these things are out the way, I go onto smaller details like reflecting on the visual design of my post. Throughout my entire reflection process, however, the key thing I am looking for is making sure my blog has my own spin on topics.

Branch Out With Content Ideas

Sometimes, a lack of motivation may stem from running out of ideas. It happens. That’s why I wanted to share a simple exercise for generating more ideas for your blog. When I say simple, I really mean it. All that you’ll need to do is draw up a spider diagram. Either put a popular blog post you’ve written in the middle of the page or an idea you want to write about, then start coming up with anything which is relevant to that topic in the form of branches.

I’ll give you an example. One popular blog post of mine was How I Elevated My Blog In 2021. What Travel + Lifestyle Bloggers Should Know. As this was something people enjoyed reading, I started to think about topics which could be linked from the post. Some ideas I came up with were mistakes bloggers tend to make and things I wish I knew when starting a travel blog. That’s two blog ideas already, just from branching out from an existing post. Sure, you could visualise the branches but physically drawing a diagram helps to find sub-links to your overall niche.

Taking A Trip

Now, with the pandemic this has proven to be tricky but local adventures work too! Sometimes, just heading out to a nearby city is enough to get me to focus. I say this because during a small getaway, I’m able to fully see how much I enjoy exploring locations then writing about my experiences. It gives me a push to keep producing fresh, informative and entertaining content. Being stuck indoors can make you feel overwhelmed, so even going for a walk helps shift your frustration into productivity.

However, if you don’t feel comfortable leaving your house during the pandemic then that’s totally fine. I have a previous article which may help with travel blogging from home. I’ll link it here for you: Travel Blogging From Home? How I Do It!

Browse Through Your Old Travel Photos

I love creating mood-boards with old travel photos to provide inspiration not only for myself, but for others. I remember creating a mood-board on WordPress last year with some photos from previous trips just as a memory but, to my surprise, it turned out to be something my readers really enjoyed. They were able to use the locations featured for their own benefit to plan future vacations. The secret though? It took me less than 10 minutes to put together! I guess the message here is that if you are unsure whether to post a piece of travel content, do it anyway. You never know who it may resonate with.

Looking through old travel photos is obviously incredibly nostalgic but can also lead to many other projects. You could develop the pictures and create a backdrop for your future photos, or you could laminate the images and use them as postcards. See? There’s a few DIY tasks for you to do which are still travel-related! You could even write about it after…

Set A Timer Or Reminder

If you feel like you have no time to produce content, setting a timer or reminder will be revolutionary. You don’t need to spend hours thinking of blog ideas. As they say, work smarter and not harder! I have a reminder in my phone to spend an hour in the week drafting blog ideas whenever I get a moment, then set a timer to ensure I don’t go over the hour. Time-management on point! This routine has become a fixed thing for me and is actually something I really enjoy. There’s nothing like grabbing my notebook and a cup of tea then curling up on the sofa ready to plan content for the week.

Think About Where You See Your Blog In A Year’s Time

We all have different reasons for blogging, but I hope something which connects all of us together is a genuine passion for writing. When I find myself struggling to keep on top of a blog schedule alongside my full-time job and commitments, I simply try to think about which goal I am trying to achieve in a year’s time. I never used to think about milestones but having a vision for the future has made me accountable for ensuring I am consistent. The best part? Knowing you can alter your goals at any moment. If something isn’t working for you, there is nothing to stop you from breaking down your goals into more manageable chunks. Blogging should never feel like a chore after all!

Travel blogging has certainly proved challenging during a pandemic for many people, which is why I wanted to write this post. However, I will always be adamant losing motivation doesn’t need to be a negative as you’ll find yourself come back with a sharper focus. After all, trial and error is part of blogging, right?

See you in the next post!

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  1. Vansh Tiwari says:

    I really get a lot of new ideas when I browse through my older photos. I believe that in my case, both when I travel and when I look at my previous photos I get motivated that I can something out of this. Liked your thoughts here!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. So true! Thank you so much ! ☺️

      Liked by 1 person

  2. arv! says:

    Great idea, Yaz. Are things back to normal when it comes to traveling in your part of the world?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you! And not quite yet, travel is still not permitted where I am !


      1. arv! says:

        Ah… I suppose they will in a couple of weeks. At least, domestic travel…

        Liked by 1 person

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