Travel Blogging From Home? How I Do It!

As you can imagine, I haven’t been able to travel much since last March. However, I have still been travel blogging everyday. Once the pandemic hit, I spent a few days thinking about how I could continue posting content relevant to my page. I came up with a few ideas which I wanted to trial before I wrote this post. A year later and I’m feeling pretty confident in my routine. Keep reading as I’m going to spill the beans on what I’ve been doing to travel blog from my apartment.

I posted regular, or non-travel related, pictures with travel-related captions. For example, I would take a picture from a morning walk then caption it with something related to travel or to what I was doing. By doing this, I was able to show up on my blog in a way which was consistent and realistic. My regular readers will know by now how much I enjoy getting creative in captions, so creating entertaining descriptions were a no-brainer for me.

My big breakthrough this year, if I can call it that, has been create entertaining graphics for my new social media page. For example, ‘This or That’ or ‘Which Do You Prefer Travel Edition’. Content creators will all know how incredible Canva is for this. If you haven’t already heard about Canva, it’s a free design platform where you can make anything from social media templates to layouts for business cards. If you want to check out my new project and keep up to date with informative travel posts, I’ll link it here:

When I wanted a more specific travel setting in photos, I create a background with a travel vibe to it. For me, it has been as simple as framing a travel scratch map and featuring it in shots. Framing prints is such an inexpensive, yet effective, way to really incorporate a theme into your photos. By the way, travel prints or scratch maps also make wonderful gift ideas.

Reminisce on your past trips through stories. Everyone will have days where they will struggle with content inspiration and that’s totally ok! To get out of this hole, something I do is share stories which I know my audience will enjoy. It does help that I have hundreds of crazy travel experiences or embarrassing travel moments! I also love reading about my follower’s travel stories which creates a natural discussion between two people. If you haven’t already realised, great content is only half the story with blogging. I honestly think a genuine audience is what is most important. Interact and engage with your existing audience as much as you would with new audiences. Trust me, there are many benefits to this. However, the greatest has been the formation of real friendships with fellow bloggers.

Finally, something which I hope to start doing this year is appearing on live with other fellow travel bloggers. Your followers will be able to connect to you more, as a face will be associated to the person behind the posts. I know that ideally we’d all like to vlog next to a picturesque beach but don’t let that stop you from appearing on video. One of the best pieces of advice I was given was to invest in a ring-light. I was always the type of person to view ring-lights as unnecessary but boy was I wrong. A ring-light really changed the quality of my photos and videos, especially in an apartment which doesn’t get much natural sunlight.

Whilst we can only dream of travel right now, don’t let this stop you from continuing with travel blogging. It’s not as stressful as it seems, I promise.

See you in the next post!

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  1. Love the insta account, it’s such a good idea to share and keep those travel memories alive, wish I had thought of it aha! Keep the posts coming πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you! I appreciate your support so much, I’m so glad you enjoy the posts !!

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  2. PedroL says:

    Thanks for the tips πŸ™‚ and keep inspired for the next posts eheh have a great week, PedroL


    1. Thank you so much! Hope you have a great week too! ☺️


      1. PedroL says:

        πŸ™‚ PedroL


  3. vaniheart says:

    This is such a great tipπŸ’ŸπŸ’Ÿ

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  4. bosssybabe says:

    What a great idea.. My friends have mentioned canva to me, I’ve been meaning to check it out but lately have been feeling like molasses… Very slow to get started! Thx for the inspo!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad it’s helpful! Canva is so great! I thought it would be hard to navigate but it’s surprisingly easy to figure how to use! πŸ™Œ

      Liked by 1 person

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