Becoming a Travel Blogger in 2021?

I think one of the first things people say when they talk about why they don’t want to start a blog/channel/social media account is ‘It was so much easier 5 years ago, now everyone is doing it’. Now, there may be some truth in this but I want to talk you through some points people often forget when starting a new travel venture.

Before I start, I am by no means an influencer. Nor do I travel the globe on a full-time basis. However, like many of you, I am a regular human with a huge passion for travel. Over the years I have seen my ideas grow, made solid friendships online and dedicated more time to travel content. It was only this year I fully started to plan content, schedule blog posts and research topics to write about. Did I start late? Maybe. Do I regret it? Hmm not sure. I say this because through years of trial and error I was able to find strategies which worked specifically for me.

The biggest strategy of them all though? Being myself. I know that sounds soft and not exactly as analytical as maybe you had hoped, but by being myself I knew I could keep my blog running in the long-term. This is why my biggest piece of advice for anyone wanting to start travel blogging is to focus on what YOU can bring to the world. Make it different and unique. For example, my followers on social media know I love to write random and slightly humorous captions. I also like to poke fun at myself, A LOT. This means when an out-of-the-ordinary caption comes up on someone’s feed they will know it’s probably my post. The main point to take from this is that I created this association purely by being myself.

The thing is, there are plenty of travel accounts, travel blogs and travel channels out there right? Right. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start. All you have to do is either bring a new angle or work better on an existing idea than your competition. This is one major advantage of starting travel blogging in 2020 as you would have seen which types of posts perform well from your competitors. Think about it, which posts do you usually save? Why? Asking yourself these questions will help with your own posts when you start writing.

I think one of the largest misconceptions about travel blogging is that you need a large following to start with. This is simply not true, as a connected and engaged community of 20 people out of 130 followers is much more genuine and long-term than accounts with 10,000 followers with only 5 interactions. Ohhh throwing shade, throwing shade. Here, the importance of visibility comes to play. Don’t ever do those silly hashtags like ‘follow for follow’ because first of all, you are a grown adult. Second, who is to say those people even enjoy your content enough to interact? Instead, hashtag with the purpose of bringing awareness to your work. What does your blog post talk about? Who will it help/provide entertainment to? Again, these are more questions which you need to ask yourself.

Perhaps another advantage of this day and age is the fact we are digital. I mean, we have all seen how most social platforms focus on video content these days. If you have an idea for your blog which relies on digital methods then this is your time to shine! Another option could be to turn your existing content digital. However, be realistic. I think one of the ‘secrets’ to any content creator is consistency. If you are going to create a travel blog about ‘snowy mountain trips’ then think about how many times you will be able to write about this topic. It is fairly straight-forward to go on holiday and write a blog about your trip, but if you intend to maintain it then it becomes tricky if you aren’t able to produce content for the rest of the year. Don’t be discouraged though! This is exactly how my blog started, minus the topic being snowy mountains. I would write very short posts about every destination I visited ( I still cringe at my earliest posts but refuse to delete them as it reminds me of major growth haha). After a while, I started to branch out into other topics which I could write about when I wasn’t traveling, but something that was still relevant. It was here elements of ‘Lifestyle’ appeared on my blog. More recently, an entire tab dedicated to food and recipes.

2020 has put a lot of travels on hold, but are content creators stopping? Nope! The topic of ‘Travel’ is so broad, there is honestly an angle for everyone and once you start to find sub-branches you’ll find it much easier to remain consistent with your content. For example, using my example above, did I think I would have posts on food when I first started this blog? No, but it works for me now! Don’t be afraid to take risks because you never know how many doors they will open.

I love reading posts from up-and-coming bloggers, so if you do have a new blog page or are thinking of starting one then please let me know. I’d love to subscribe and read it!

If you got to the end of this post, just know I’m sending you the biggest virtual hug. Until next time!


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  1. Sound advice for new bloggers, well said!

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    1. Glad you agree! Thank you ! 😊

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  2. Sustain blog says:

    Wonderful advice. Thank you for the post..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Happy you liked it, thank you !

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  3. Loved reading this, such great advice. I think many bloggers try and focus on what their followers will like, but if you actually just put your own personality and style into it then you and your followers will probably enjoy it more!

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    1. Yup! Being genuine is always the best option! Glad you liked the post 🙂


  4. TouristToTravellers says:

    Your post was so relatable. Yes, travel is a broad concept and if you can just put yourself out there and be genuine then am sure people will love to read about your experiences 😃

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    1. Thank you so much! I’m happy you could relate! I completely agree with you 😊

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  5. Tory Louise says:

    Great read! I started my blog as a personal/lifestyle blog, but now I’m thinking about transitioning it to be more travel-focused. I’m still figuring it all out, but this post was very helpful! Also, thanks for the love on Instagram (@viccsterr). It would mean a lot if you check & subscribe to my blog Stay Growing ~

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    1. Awww I’m so glad this post was helpful, thank you for reading ☺️ and of course! Subscribing now !


  6. Caroline Cormier says:

    Love this and the fact that you’re encouraging people to get started on their travel journey. I love your Instagram account and just followed you to stay tuned for your journey. I, too, just started documenting some of my travel adventures since moving to Berlin over on my blog: 🙂 I hope you’ll follow up on my adventures to!

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    1. Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed the post ☺️ and absolutely! I’ll check it out right now !

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  7. I have just got my blog off the ground with a focus on mental health and lifestyle but would love to add in some travel aspects. It would be great if you could take a read 🙂

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    1. That sounds great! I’ll go check it out now 🥰

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      1. Thanks so much ☺️


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