iPhone Tips For Travel

I recently posted about some tips and tricks on an iPhone for travel on IG and it received such a positive response, so I thought I would include it for you here. I use an iPhone personally, but if anyone has any tips for android phones please do leave them in the comments section below at the end.

Let’s get stuck in:

  1. Save your map destinations offline! You’ll be able to view directions without downloads and won’t have to worry about large data charges.
  2. If you do need to use data and have accepted that charges will be involved, you could look into browser compression. The idea behind it is less data usage than traditional browsers.
  3. Need to send something in PDF but don’t have access to a laptop? You can make your photos PDF from your phone! I use the app ‘Photos to PDF’
  4. Did you know you can add signatures to scanned documents in the ‘Notes’ app? Well, you do now! Select the camera icon then select ‘scan’.
  5. If you need to search for something in your bag but don’t want to attract attention, dim the iPhone flashlight by pressing the icon for a few seconds until you get a variety of brightness levels.
  6. You can add a grid to your camera in ‘Settings’ which can give better accuracy when taking photos.
  7. Work with Live Photos or Bursts, is there anything more annoying than taking a picture and seeing your eyes are closed? Live Photos or Bursts help to avoid this as you’ll get a selection of snaps from the same moment.
  8. If you are trying to search for a specific photo, don’t scroll through your entire camera roll! Save time by using the search bar function in ‘Photos’.

All these tips have made my life so much easier when traveling, so I hope you consider these discoveries for your next trip,

Until next time!

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  1. gilfoilchloe says:

    Love this! Great tips

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  2. Gagan's Web Blog says:

    Good tips

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  3. Flipcart says:

    useful tips thanks

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