Crete, Greece

Disclaimer: No part of this post is sponsored and everything has been paid with my own coins.

Some of you may know that I recently went to Crete. I know what you’re thinking….Is it wise to travel during the pandemic? Valid point. However, at the time of my trip, Greece was not on the ‘Watchlist’ as cases were fairly low. I will say that I was very lucky with timing though, as the day after I arrived back home, some Greek islands required a 14-day quarantine. Yikes.

I didn’t know what to expect with Greece. I knew it would be similar to other Mediterranean countries I have visited, but I was utterly blown away how peaceful and stress-free my trip was from start to finish. I honestly think things like renting a car or finding a hotel are some of the more annoying parts of a trip so I wanted to make your life easier by telling you the rental service I went with and the hotel I stayed at.

Car rental? I gotchu! At Chania Airport, I went with Kappa rentals. They collect you from the airport and drive you to the garage (it was only a 30 second drive lol but a nice touch for sure). The best part is that no deposit is required! Yes, you read that right. I decided to go with them because the reviews they had were by far the strongest. The whole rental process was so simple, a few details and you’re on your way. When you return the car at the end of the trip, there is no heavy inspection of every single scratch or anything. The company just drive you back to the airport (again, a 30 second drive) and that’s it.

A little about the hotel: Oh BOY. I spent weeks trying to find a hotel but eventually decided to go with ‘Atrium’. The location was amazing guys. I could see the sea from my balcony. I will not deny the fact that the hotel was in a very ‘touristy’ location but that meant there was always plenty to see and do. The service of the hotel itself was the real show-stopper though, as the staff did everything to make my stay as perfect as possible. I have an allergy right, and when I mentioned this to the hotel before booking they assured me there would be GF options. I was expecting just one or two standard ‘GF Muffins’ or something like that. However, every morning I would wake up to GF goods and the manager would always bring the chef out to explain what I could/couldn’t eat. If something was covered in gluten, the chef would make me a fresh batch without the pesky ingredient. I felt incredibly looked after. As for the price, I really suggest you book on their website as you can score yourself a discount. For a week with food included I spent just over 500 euros (not including drinks though) plus an 18 euro tax. Have a Google of the hotel and you’ll see how affordable this is for a place which looks and feels 5-star.

Places to see? I made this trip mostly a beach vacation because this is something I NEVER do. I’m not a beach type of person usually so wanted to change my view on it. WELL, to keep things short I got so sun-burnt I had to stumble around asking for pain relief and probably spent 40 euros on after-sun products….oops. Although, the beaches are stunning. Without a doubt. I couldn’t believe some of the views I saw. I was also genuinely relieved when one of the beaches (Balos) required a steep hike (does that make me weird?) as I love hiking. I nearly had to get a horse to take me to the top, as my legs couldn’t take walking for 40 minutes up stairs in the 37 Celsius heat but let’s leave this story for another day lol. Some other beaches to check out are ‘Elafonisi’ and ‘Preveli’.

The first is actually the beach 10 seconds away from the hotel. The second is Elafonisi and the third is Balos.

Will I return to Crete? For sure. My assumption that it was only an island for teens wanting non-stop partying has been challenged when I saw how much this island has to offer. Next time I will take stacks of sun-cream though…..

See you in the next post!

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  1. Sounds like you had a great trip! the chef tailoring meals for you and the 30 second drive seem little but yes it’s those kind of things that make the trip so much more enjoyable and stress free!

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    1. Yes it was so lovely ! And hahaha I totally agree- I secretly loved the 30 second drive 😂

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  2. Michael says:

    Great photos– and travel tips! I’ve been wanting to visit Crete forever — it looks amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank youuu! Crete really is amazing! It really took me by surprise

      Liked by 1 person

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