Recipe Series- Fudge Vegan Caramel Sauce

If you’re allergic to dairy, or follow a vegan diet, you’ll know how frustrating it is to see every recipe use a can of condensed milk to make caramel. That’s why I tried making my own. This sauce is so gooey, sweet and only has 3 ingredients. You’ll need a whole lot of patience but end result? Worth it.


1.5 cup of caster sugar + 150 ml of soya cream + 150 ml of dairy free milk (I used soya but you could try with almond) + 50 ml of water + additional 100 ml of water 

  1. On a high heat, put the 50 ml water into a pan with the sugar. Mix until everything turns into a liquid, which is usually seconds. Add your choice of milk, followed by the cream. Keep mixing.
  2. Remaining on a high heat, let everything boil but keep moving the spoon around. This part is a little tedious because you’ll need to keep mixing for 20 minutes AT LEAST. Eventually, the mix starts to stiffen up but be careful not to burn it. 
  3. Once the liquid has started to get thick, take off the heat and stir until you get a SLIGHT paste. It should still be predominantly runny though.
  4. At this point, pour the 100 ml of water. You’ll see everything loosen into a smooth caramel sauce. Immediately transfer the caramel into a glass container, so it doesn’t cling to the sides of the pan. That’s it. After briefly putting into a fridge to cool, you’re literally ready to start dripping the good stuff over anything and everything.

Until then, see you in the next post.

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