Namur/ Charleroi, Belgium

Hey guys, welcome back!

(Before I start, this was really the best picture I could take. Keep reading to find out why)

I recently saw a cheap flight from London to Charleroi for a weekend and decided to take the offer up. So many people told me I was making a huge mistake, I had heard all the rumors about it being one of the “Ugliest cities” in Belgium but I was curious….

Well to keep it short and sweet it certainly was not as pretty as I wanted it to be. The airport is about 30 minutes from Charleroi, which is not even close to Brussels. I expected this but what I did not expect was to find zero taxis at the airport. YUP I really walked over an hour to get to my accommodation yikes. 

In the city there was virtually nothing to see. I hope this does not offend anyone but I have never seen such an industrial place to be so empty. I found the city very bleak and grey with not much life but I have heard there are local initiatives in an attempt to drive more tourism to the city. 

The following day ( Sunday) I decided to check out Namur which I heard was very picturesque. A lot of traditional castles and a river really got me intrigued so I took the train which was a short 30 minutes. I made a big error though . . . I went on a Sunday and absolutely everything was closed, even a lot of restaurants. I did manage to find one small breakfast spot which was totally full ( not surprising!) but I had the nicest brunch. The spot really appeals to vegans and veggies with a large emphasis on organic produce which I really like. 

Unfortunately, after having a very brief stroll I decided to head back to my accommodation in Charleroi. It was very hard to explore when everything was closed and I really got ghost town vibes. I think this is the most honest summary I can give because I really did not enjoy this trip however I think with a little more planning I would have enjoyed it just a tiny bit more.

Would I recommend going? In short, NO. I think heading to Brussels for the day would be much more productive and fun however maybe I just need someone from the area to show me around?!

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