Frequent Mistakes Made When Travelling…

Picture this, you wake up one morning and decide you need a holiday. Not just a break from work but an actual holiday. You search the cheapest flights and randomly think ” hmm I have never been there before, that will do” and book in less than 5 minutes. A few weeks later you arrive and are hit with more stress than you had at work. Sure, now it all seems like a giggle but it certainly didn’t at the time! So lets take a look at some common mistakes most people have made when travelling and how to avoid them….

  1. Not being realistic about food and thinking 5 Italian sorbet puddings will be sufficient for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I say this even more so when you are solo travelling. The fear of people seeing you eat alone? Can’t handle that, you might think. The awkward conversations with the waiters? Best avoid that, you might think. The uncomfortable language barrier when ordering? Not worth the stress, you might think. I get it, it can be daunting BUT think about how many people do actually eat alone with no problems? I mean, do you judge those eating alone? Most likely not. 
  2. Being scared to ask for directions and finding yourself walking into a random field. We have all been there! That sense of shame to ask for directions then nodding and forgetting as soon as *Insert Name* has told you where to go. Even worse when you have no internet in a country and rely on WIFI and some torn apart map you found in the hotel or at the station. The more you travel the more you realise most people will be happy to help and not as scary as you might think, however having common sense is also key. Shout-out to the street savvy explorers. 
  3. Not budgeting your money. I feel like having shiny foreign currency in your bag is exciting. There is that initial excitement of “ohhh 3000 euros!” then the excitement of noticing how different the currency looks, then the excitement of finding random coins at the bottom of your bag. The thing with cash is that it is hard to keep track of where it goes because you forget how much you spend and this can cause problems with your trip. Let me explain, aged 20 I went to the south of Spain and on the first day I went to a theme park, 3 restaurants, the food markets and a few independent stores. I also decided I just had to buy rice from the supermarket to bring back to the UK- nope I still had no idea why I needed this. Next thing you know, I had spent half of my money and still had another 4 days left. Yikes. I think it is so important to roughly plan your trip and budget throughout the holiday. Not a strict itinerary but just a general idea so that you aren’t faced with unpleasant surprises. Also having a travel card to load money onto can be a good option to keep track.
  4. Not researching the country and its culture. This one is important and something a lot of people don’t do. Outside of Europe, there may be some countries where social norms are different or religious holidays mean changes in daily life. Not having the lowdown before you go might mean you are walking to restaurants only to find they are closed during religious holidays for example.
  5. Not taking pictures. Did you really even go if you don’t have proof? This one is a biggy when travelling alone as who can you ask to take photos? It turns out, you can ask almost anyone. So many tourists will be in the same position as you, and will mean you don’t need to balance your phone on some rocks and a magazine in an attempt to create a pic. If it still makes you nervous to ask people, self-timer will be your best friend and hey, no one can judge as it is less cringe than selfie sticks I guess . . . 

Do you guys have any stories regarding these mistakes people make when travelling? Let me know!

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