Sitges, Catalunya

I took a short morning trip to Sitges, and I am so glad I did. I had wanted to go visit for a while as I had heard a lot about this place, ( I would say it is a town?) so when the opportunity arrived I had to take it.

Prior to my trip, all I knew was that it is LGBT friendly and one of the most famous places for the LGBT community in Spain. I used to live in Brighton during my student years so it was interesting to see how it compared. One thing I did not expect, however, was the amount of English and American tourists! I feel like I saw more tourists than locals, suggesting it is a very well-known place.

From Barcelona central, it takes about 30 minutes to drive to Sitges, so it is definitely easy to take a small trip there. Some other little things that really impressed me were the supermarkets being open on Sunday (despite being closed in Barcelona, a huge capital city) plus the strip of shops hidden among the cobbled streets and antique buildings. There were so many chocolate shops as well as a sweet shop set out like a pirate treasure chamber which I am sure young kids will love (ok not only young kids as I spent 30 minutes looking at sweets. The sweets are also allergen friendly btw) 

I did not visit any of the cathedrals or take part in the tourist activities or sites but I did walk down the “pier” or ” beach strip” which is essentially a long parade of sand and pavement. It is utterly beautiful to see the sea and people walking alongside it. It is one of those places where I just sat on the bench facing the sea and felt grateful for things in my life with the sun shining on my back. A morning I will certainly remember. 

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