Montserrat, Catalunya

On Thursday I took a short day trip to Montserrat mountains. I had never been before and didn’t have any expectations but I was excited. 

For those of you who don’t know, Montserrat is kind of a big deal in Catalunya. It is a historical site, home to a beautiful church and has breathtaking views of mountains. It also holds religious connotations, with many people considering Montserrat as a lucky or holy place to visit. 

From the center of Barcelona more or less it takes an hour. The easiest way to do it would be to take the cable car but I went with car. The good thing about going with a car is that parking is 6.50 euros for all day. This is something which I think is a huge advantage as the rate is not charged hourly. 

I visited the church, small souvenir shops and cobbled roads first. We took a picnic and sat right in front of the entrance to the church to look at the views of the mountains. It is honestly surreal. Food is so so expensive so bring your own! After, we queued for maybe 15 minutes to see the statue of Montserrat inside the church. Entry is free. 

From the church, it is a 30 minute walk to the top of the mountain site where you can see the whole view of the surroundings and see the well-known cross which is located at the top. People tie ribbons and materials around the bottom of it, a little like a lock bridge but much smaller. 

I can only imagine how beautiful this place must be in summer, when people hike to the top and walk back down. It is something I would love to try some day.

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  1. This sounds lovely! I have been to Montserrat more than ten years ago and I cannot wait to go back soon. The car parking is a good tip, thanks. I still remember I had the best cheesecake there, bought from the little van of a farmer…


    1. Thestrawberrysnaps says:

      OHHH yes i know which cheesecake you are talking about! i saw the farmer vans too! Looked so yummy


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