Andorra La Vella, Andorra

I didn’t know much about Andorra before I visited. All I knew was that there is no airport and that it borders Spain and France. For this very reason I was surprised at the number of tourists who visit this country during WINTER AND SUMMER.

In winter you have the beautiful ski slopes due to the mountains, making it an obvious choice for those living nearby. You also have thermal spas and mountainous activities. In summer you have the mountain trails to explore and the tax-free shopping, including major high street brands. It is the shopping that filled me with joy personally. I couldn’t believe how cheap I could find expensive brands! We all know how expensive perfume is but in Andorra I found a perfume that is usually 90£ selling at 55 EUROS NORMAL PRICE. Do I need to scream this from the rooftops?

Admittedly, Andorra is little. There are only a few main streets with the villages and large mountains overlooking it. Upon arrival, best by car, you are met with border control but as you pass this you see the start of the large department stores. I was lucky to have advice from a local otherwise I would have been confused how to find the central areas.

Andorra survives on tourism and you definitely feel this when you are there but this is not a bad thing. The country feels like Spain but there are things which sets it apart. For example, Catalan is the official language but unlike Spain tobacco publicity is legal, for example.

I spent one day in the center of Andorra which is good for the shopping element but a weekend break would be ideal to view the mountains. It is a very affordable country above all so you won’t be spending a ton of money, unless you plan to shop and even then it is cheap. It takes about 2 hours and a half from Barcelona so not too far. I feel like Andorra is not well-known in the United Kingdom but who would have thought it would be such a hidden gem?! I can’t wait to return. 

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  1. Reese S. says:

    The main tourist season starts in winter. Some hotels even close after winter season 🙂


    1. Thestrawberrysnaps says:

      Ohhh didn’t know this! Thank you 🙂

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