Algarve, Portugal

I spent one week in the Algarve, Portugal and let me tell you, I was not expecting to enjoy it as much as I did. It is beautiful. A car is crucial as transport links suck and a lot of beaches aren’t on public transportation routes. Uber and car rentals saved me- I wasn’t driving heheheh. 

I stayed in the Faro district in the Montenegro area about 15 mins away from the city and 5 minutes in an Uber. The city itself, in my opinion, is small but contains a harbour and plenty of food places. I recommend a site on the main road which is next door to McDonald’s and it sells fresh and affordable food. I think it is called “Woods” but I’m not sure. A huge perk is the night terrace which gives a lovely view of the city.

As for the beaches I visited a new beach everyday and whilst the beaches were stunning all along the coast in Lagos, the cutest spot was a small river on the border of Spain and Portugal. It is more known by locals and even though it is small the water is actually swimmable ( is that a real word ? ) and not freezing cold! It’s a secret spot which annoyingly I don’t know the name of and neither does the internet but don’t neglect river beaches is the moral of the story ! 


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