Oslo, Norway

Oh Oslo. The most expensive place to survive that I have ever visited. 

The trains are expensive, the food is expensive and there seems to be a tax on drinks? I knew Norway would be an expensive country to visit but the only affordable element seemed to be the tickets themselves from London.

However . . . 

The city is beautiful trust me! A lot of natural areas such as the Botanical Gardens and an outdoor statue natural park in the outskirts about 40 minutes walk from the city. Within the city, there is such a lively environment with streets of small shops, restaurants and bicycles to hire along the river.

I spent two days in the city checking out the tourist locations and discovering how many troll souvenirs were on display haha! I walked everywhere as money on transport didn’t sound appealing because I preferred to spend money on food. Food was the downside to Norway for me, everywhere seemed expensive even away from the city and it was quite difficult to find food for less than 100 Norwegian Krone in my opinion.

Norway is a lovely place to visit but it was difficult for me to enjoy the trip based on how expensive day-to-day life was!

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