Budapest, Hungary

I spent 2 days in Budapest and let me tell you, it is a city with a lot of history.

Without going too much into background, the river divides two sides of the city so there is the Buda side and the Pest side. The Pest side is more touristy and more to see in my opinion so I would recommend being on this side if visiting however I did go to the Buda side for a few hours to check out a thermal spa.

Budapest is so affordable! A great holiday spot if you have low funds. The architecture is what really stands out and when walking you are exposed to it very often so it makes sense to walk rather than take public transport. 

One thing about transport that I would like to point out is be careful with taxi drivers that approach you when you come out the airport as they are usually double the price of other taxi drivers. They have fixed rates rather than use a meter so avoid taxis that have fixed rates as you will be paying way more than you need to.

I wasn’t very keen on the food in Hungary however paprika seems to be a national treasure which is used in a lot of dishes. I even brought some back for my mum to try!

For me the most breathtaking view was the Parliament which literally looks like a magical castle, it is huge! You also get a great view of the river. The historical museums are also worth going to, with several dotted around the city. The tickets are not expensive and the experience is very eye-opening.

All in all, Hungary is a lovely spot to visit on a short trip away, I recommend highly.

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