Palma, Mallorca

I know, I know. The first thing many people think of when they hear about Mallorca is the notorious “Magaluf” but many forget the island itself is so much more than a hotspot for clubbing.

I spent a few days in the island, in the outskirts. It was surprisingly easy to navigate myself around the island as bus routes were very simple and only cost 1 euro 50. The exception were routes to the airport which were 5 euros.

I could not go to Mallorca and not hit up at least one beach! I went to Cala Millor. Truthfully it was a little difficult to find the areas typically in photos as the beach strip is very long so it was tricky to find the “entrance” if that makes sense. Nonetheless, the views were surreal. It is very close to a small town full of touristy restaurants and cafes.

I was actually staying rightttttt by the mountains further away from beaches and city life and I loved it! The place I was in had a roof top and it was beautiful just watching the sunset and trying to not fall off the roof hahaha.

I am planning to go back to Mallorca soon as I really want to visit some beaches that are kind of hidden away. Does anyone have any recommendations?

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