Brighton, U.K

Having left Brighton permanently earlier this year, I thought I would do a round-up of places that are cool to visit or see. I have to admit, I feel like I did not explore the city as much as I should have. I know so many people talk highly of “The Downs” or “Stamner Park” but I didn’t really visit these, I have always been more of a city type of girl.

I have had the chance to live in two totally different areas, Queens Park (student central but boring AF) and also the Marina (LOVE) so feel fairly aware of new places to see or new things to do.

With the train station basically being within central areas, it is ideal to walk straight down to the Clock Tower which feels like a mid-point to everything. Along the way you will find a small patch of grass which sells street food (Not sure how often it is all there but at least once a week) which I highly recommend as there are a few options so every dietary requirement can be catered for. A dish averages at about 5£ so not too bad but not exactly cheap as chips . .  For budget I recommend going to Foodillic which is a buffet style lunch spot serving super healthy foods, think salads, vegan, gluten-free, you get the idea.

It would be absurd to visit Brighton and not check out the lanes, which has every cute and quirky little boutique you can think of, located towards Old Steine and North Street. There are two parts to the lanes, North and South so make sure you check out both areas for hidden gems such as the retro candy stores or the vintage jewelery stalls. 

Whilst Brighton Pier is pretty much self-explanatory I would like to point out that the area is perfect for those staying a few nights or travelling as a row of clubs are directly below. Affordable hostels are located within EYE distance and I have always had a pleasant experience when using them for a cheap but convenient trip, you get what you pay for and all that . . 

Brighton is the type of place where, quite literally, it is always buzzing. Super liberal and friendly, the city gives such a good atmosphere and it really is suitable for all ages. Everything goes in the city and this is something I will miss. 

I have to applaud the transport system too, frequent buses every 5 minutes and plenty of bus stops ( even if a small percentage of the bus drivers are idiots and drive away when they see you standing at the bus stop you know?) It is super easy to get from A to B which makes life so much easier as parking is a nightmare in Brighton as well as driving.

Another place/area worth visiting is Hove. I feel like it is often underrated but Palmeira Square is beautiful and away from the hustle of the city. Hove might seem a little “boring” at first (sorry!) but there are a lot of cute romantic spots ( I will leave you guys to discover them!) which are certainly memorable. There is also a ton of food places all in a line on the main road which is useful for fussy eaters.

Now back to Brighton, Preston Park is another place I spent a lot of time. They usually hold circuses here as well as at the Race Courses. The area is perfect for BBQ’s and sports given the vast area of land and tennis courts. The best way to get to Preston Park from the city is to take the number 5 buses as it can be a bit off a trek if walking there.

Speaking of the city can we just mention ZARA has had a HUGE upgrade, moved to another building and become the place of dreams? Two floors, all white decoration and clothes galore. Anyone who remembers the old dingy ZARA in Churchill Square will know how much of a big deal this is haha.

Brighton had everything I needed, it has plenty to do and was so fun to live as a student but to me I never fully connected with it. Sure you can never get bored but for some reason I was not sad to leave, I think the amount of people triggered anxiety for me. I loved my time there but as cliché as it sounds there is no place like home hence why I was excited to arrive back to Cambridge ( even if there is nothing to do here in comparison to Brighton lol)


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