Edinburgh, Scotland

Ok so, truthfully I did not know what to expect from the city. All I could go by was my sister’s word on the city which were along the lines of “Best Place Ever!!” so when I had a chance to visit the city for a day out with my mum, I certainly was excited.

Domestic flights are so quick and easy, I arrived to Edinburgh Airport at 10 am, and my flight back was at 6:30 pm so I had a few hours to go and see the area. From the airport into the city centre I grabbed a direct tram, 8.50 pounds for a return. Princes Street seemed to be more or less the middle, with a long street full of high street shops and stores as well as historical monuments on the other side. My mum was more into looking at the castles and statues whereas I . . .  well, lets just say my eyes were fixated on the different stores, hahahah typical Yasmine eh?

Greeting my sister at the tram stop, we all walked up a steeeeeep hill, towards a bird’s eye view of the city (sadly forgot the name of the route) and we saw the notorious “Arthur’s Seat” as well as the sea and wayyy back the mountains too. The thing about Edinburgh is that it is so hilly! Felt like if I lived there I would cancel my gym membership ASAP as every step felt like a workout lol.

My sister insisted we visit her uni accommodation which seemed to be a little be out-of-the-way but still within walking distance. It was a really modern building and certainly had all the elements you would expect from first year uni students . .  * messy kitchen cough cough*

After a brief stop in my sister’s room, we decided to walk up to a gorgeous castle (again I am so sorry for not remembering the name) but it was so touristy and near to the traditional tourist stores, souvenirs and cathedrals. It was breathtaking. I was so surprised how Edinburgh seems to have a bit of everything. A gothic yet weirdly glam city, with a refreshingly nice atmosphere.

heheheBTW KILTS AND BAGPIPES ARE NOT A MYTH, virtually every corner had someone playing the bagpipes, it’s so lovely that there is such tradition in the city.

I was starving after all the walking so we all decided to head to THE TRON for a spot of lunch. It was a cute and cosy pub (which I think opens up into a club type thing in the evenings) It is all reasonably priced, probably about £12 ish per head, if you think pineapple on pizza is gross I suggest you look away now . . . blog.jpg

After lunch we walked to my sister’s uni campus, which felt so prestige and a mix of old-fashioned but also modern. It isn’t really a campus as it is so central. Edinburgh is phenomenal for architecture so if you nerd out about it then this city is definitely worth a visit. EVERYONE WAS SO FRIENDLY, people often say that Scots are super friendly and my family certainly experienced that during the whole day.

Given the short time we had, my sister briefly showed us around some small streets then took us back to Princes Street (which also has a train station smack bang in the middle) and we said our byes, then headed back to the airport via the same tram route (about 25 minutes from Princes Street)

I was so pleasantly surprised at how much I fell in love with the city, and this was only on my first day. Having a local’s knowledge of the best places is a huge advantage and I look forward to going back and not being able to feel my legs from all the walking real soon  

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