Milan, Italy

Milan has always been a place I have had my eye on, particularly given how much I adore fashion, however people always gave me mixed reviews on the city itself. A last-minute and quick two-day stop in Milan in January was what I needed to check out the city and make my own verdict. 

I stayed in an Air B n B about 30 minutes from the Duomo Plaza (A glorious cathedral as seen in the cover photo) and the first thing which surprised me was the ease of public transport, there are so many trams and buses so to get from A to B is a breeze. One thing I will mention is that you can not buy tickets on the bus itself, you have to get them at a kiosk or a machine prior to travelling on the buses, they cost 1.5 euros one way. MAKE SURE YOU VALIDATE IT WHEN YOU GET ON THE BUS! 

Given my lack of planning or knowledge about Milan, I did not visit any outlets or top fashion hotspots. I did, however, walk down the Duomo Plaza and stumble across a mix of high street and designer stores, my favourites being Mango, Zara and H&M. I also “accidentally” came across a huge chocolate shop which I guess was the only outlet I visited, typical me eh? 

I was recommended to try Cioccolatitaliani, a fabulous gelato stop! It was within walking distance from where I was during the day and safe to say, it was one of the best gelato desserts I had tried!

My issue with Milan is that it lacks the touristy landmarks of many other areas of Italy, however what it lacks in sightseeing it makes up for in a modern and stylish atmosphere which I prefer any day! I am definitely a city girl. The city appears quite industrial but the vibe and locals ooze glamour and sophistication, I always feel I am overdressed in the U.K but in Milan, I felt like I fitted right in. It really is a top fashion destination and with more time and more planning, I would love to check out the hidden gems of the city.

It is not a city I would go to often but for serious shopping or a short weekend away Milan is 100% on my list. 


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