Dieppe, France

Ok so . . .. This location is possibly the most ambiguous I have wrote about, a coastal area on the border of France. 

I had no expectations prior to my visit, a ferry from Newhaven to France was exciting but I knew nothing about ferries, or France (not including my trip to DISNEY PARIS when I was a little kid) 

The first thing I want to praise is the ease of the ferry, you just need your passport and you are all set. The ferry itself is LUSH! I am going to add some pictures below of the interior which genuinely took me by surprise. I am based in Brighton, U.K so for my journey I took a 30 minute bus from town to Newhaven (12A) and luckily the bus stopped right outside the port.

The journey takes about 4 hours, and I was accompanied by 2 of my friends who came to visit me. To summarize the trip I would describe it as eventful but I would not change a single thing, well perhaps pack less or bring a suitcase rather than lug around Santa’s sack the whole trip hehe.

The town itself, wait can it be called a town? WELL IF YES, the town itself is so peaceful and picturesque, a harbour, a strip of restaurants, and a …..CASINO LOL. The first day was spent waiting one hour for a taxi which was supposed to arrive in ten minutes, debating whether to trek 3 kilometres, and bursting out laughing every 3 seconds. Surprised my tears from laughing didn’t slowly turn into icicles from the cold 😉

My friends and I stayed at a hotel called B&B Hotel, about 45 minutes walking from the center or a 10 minute taxi ride (11 euros ishhhhhhh) AND LET ME SAY THANK YOU MATT BECAUSE THE HOTEL WAS A DREAM! A huge double bed with a separate selection of beds at the top in a loft type structure with a gate, room 56 in case you want to bag it as I am not sure if all the rooms are the same.

As we were all exhausted, our exploring of the town started the following day and boy were we lucky . . . the sun held out allowing the three of us to head to the Dieppe castle, beach front, and casino, no I did not play. Yes I was scared. Yes I will play next time.

In terms of food, I can’t say I was blown away by anything, pre-made dough for a crepe? (Ok it was still really good though) however there is a range of restaurants along the beach plus some smaller cafes dotted among all the stores. There was also a large supermarket conveniently located in the midst of all the cobbled roads, open until 9pm.

Some things I wish I knew, English is not generally known. It would be extremely hard for a non-French speaker to get by however I was told in summer Dieppe is busier so perhaps summertime would be better to visit for tourists. I think one day is enough time to see the town briefly but a weekend away is ideal. 

I am not sure I would visit again, I think it is a place suitable for the slightly more mature population, but of course I am sure the locals are aware of where the younger population live. I am beyond thrilled I got to visit this town as it was such a significant trip with memories stemming from lack of knowledge. Do I recommend? Yes for a short break away, but make sure you can cope with extreme sea sickness if going in winter as the boat ride in rain and wind is unbearable to say the least.

Oh and make sure you have accepted taxi rides are the easiest form of transport. . . .

If you ever get a chance to go, definitely check out the main castle located just a short walk from the harbour because the views are stunning and very unusual. Being placed in a town with virtually no tourists in winter allows you to plunge yourself into French culture and disconnect with your usual surroundings, the closest you could get to the French coastal experience.




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