Madrid, Spain

Okay so, 2 years ago I visited Madrid for two days which made it a really quick stop. This year I was able to go back so feel much more useful in terms of explaining a little about the city and what I discovered. 

The room I stayed in was Line 3 on the metro, near the hospital so it was a little far out, probably like 20 minutes to get to central. The area was very residential with not much to do however it was nice to get peace and quiet. The yellow line takes you directly to “Sol” which is a buzzing tourist location with plenty of shops and entertainment. I suggest getting a ten pass metro ticket which is a little over 12 euros and much cheaper than multiple single travel tickets. Other places around Sol were Gran Via which is also full of shops along a busy road and kind of has the same vibe as “Oxford Street” in London.

I visited a few museums which is not something I would normally do, one thing I would mention is that entry to a lot of museums is free after a certain time. For example, on Sunday Prado museum is free from 5-7 pm but be warned that the queue is pretty long however in fairness it does pass fairly quickly. So if you want a cultural experience I defo suggest checking up free entry times for a lot of the touristy museums. 

I also visited the Real Madrid football stadium which was an awesome experience and definitely something that has to be checked out when in Madrid. The stadium is built beautifully and has a lot of activities included in the tour however I did not take the tour personally .Tickets are 25 euros and a metro station is literally outside so it is very easy to get to.

For the evenings, Plaza Mayor is beautiful. There are so many restaurants surrounding the square and truthfully they aren’t too expensive, such as a big plate of paella and drink for 12 euros. One thing I found difficult in Madrid is finding places to eat as I feel a local’s knowledge is needed as some places are really spread out from others. If I were to go back I would defo do more research on this. For breakfast there are so many glorious “Chocolate y Churro” stops and they are worth a visit because it literally feels as if you have stepped into a chocolate factory, I am not certain but I believe the one I visited was in Sol. It was about 4 euros. 

Markets are also cool to check out, San Miguel has the most mouth watering food such as meats, ice creams and seafood dishes. I also visited a flea market around the La Latina area where there is a ton of jewels and 10 euro Levi’s denim.

I do like Madrid however I feel that for me it felt like everything was really isolated from each other meaning multiple metro trips. I recommend visiting Madrid without a doubt but I personally felt better suited in Barcelona.

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