Barcelona, Spain

I went to Barcelona for the first time 2 years ago and truthfully I did not see much, and the trip always held bad memories so I was determined to go back.

This time round, I went with three of my best friends for exploring, beaching and relaxing and my oh my what a trip it was.

The apartment I stayed in was lush and I found it on Air BnB. It was pretty central and incredibly luxurious for the low price paid, it was located in “Clot” and was very close to public transport, a large supermarket and a shopping mall. I really could not complain about the location, a taxi ride from ” Las Ramblas” was only ten minutes or so and cost less than 9 euros. The beach was about 20 minutes walking which was divine for those day my friends and I went to the beach.

The trip consisted of a variety of activities which was crucial, a few days exploring the city and famous places such as “Sagrada Familia” and “Park Guell” as well as Camp Nou which is the football stadium. We also visited a water park which was my first time ever at a water park and it was incredibly entertaining, sorry to everyone that had to witness my screams as I slid down the water slides haha. The water park was called “Isla Fantasia” I believe, and cost 28 euros for an all day adult ticket with a free coach that leaves once a day, it was about 35 minutes from the place I was staying. In terms of travel in general around the city, I recommend paying 10 euros for a ten pass metro ticket as it gives the freedom of being able to jump on the metro and explore new places.

The thing I really love about Barcelona is the Catalan identity. I am learning Catalan currently so it felt very relaxing to hear people speak in Catalan even though it is not fully understood by the majority of Spain. I would love to spend longer in Barcelona so I am able to understand more and more of the language.

Another thing that really strikes me about Spanish culture in general is the nightlife, I am not really talking about clubs but I am talking more about the atmosphere at bars which is so relaxed and chilled out. At the end of a busy day, there is nothing better than hitting the bars with a drink, just chatting and watching street performers or listening to live music. The club promoters constantly hassling people to visit their clubs is certainly not pleasant though . . .

I feel like with Barcelona there is always so much to see and to do, I know I am gonna need a few months in the city before I truly feel like I have seen a substantial amount. It was such a memorable week away and it pushed me to really consider working there in the future.

It goes without saying though, the city was amazing but a large part of the reason was due to my friends who made the trip perfect. Thank you girls!


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