Tirana, Albania

I was in Albania for almost a week to visit my best friend and my oh my, I am still in awe. The capital city is BEAUTIFUL. I didn’t know what to expect prior to my trip to Albania but I knew it would be an incredible experience and that it was.

The country really reminded me of Turkey which makes sense due to historical connections but this also meant many of the traditions and mannerisms were similar to Turkey such as dainty little tea cups and beautifully designed rugs. My friend lived in the very city center and next door to a delicious waffle restaurant which was absolutely beyond dreamy. Now if you have a sweet tooth like me you can imagine how insane this realization was. I have to attach a picture, I just have to.

IMG_1042 This picture is making me dribble . . .

The trip was action packed in a good way. I spent a day in Kosovo ( more on that in an upcoming post) and visited Pogradec which is where my friend grew up, it was a small city with plenty to see and do! I loved the atmosphere in Albania, everyone is very friendly and welcoming. The food was absolutely glorious and a huge shout out to Eni’s aunt for cooking hearty dishes during my stay at Pogradec. I love that Albania is starting to become more well-known with tourists but not overly tourist populated however interest in the country is not surprising as the scenery is incredible. From looking at huge acres of mountains to glistening lakes, it really is picturesque.

My time in Albania consisted of hitting a social drinks location as soon as I landed in the airport (fun fact- Rita Ora was stood behind me in Customs in Albania’s airport!) to listening to talented musicians playing all sorts of instruments, to hitting the beach and collecting a ton of seashells which I smuggled home hehehe, to watching Tirana’s sunset from the top of SkyTower. I was very lucky.

This trip was so special to me because I met some amazing people, experienced a culture very familiar to my own, and I managed to spend a week with a close friend of mine who literally did everything to make my stay as comfortable as possible.

I really recommend just walking around the city, that’s right literally just following the roads and exploring because that is the best way to really see everything. I visited an amazing museum underground which explained the history of Albania as well as a more modern museum. I also recommend checking out local pastry shops as the puddings are worth a try. Albania is so cheap for living in my opinion so you really can get away with spending very little, in my whole week I only spent the equivalent of 50 British pounds for food and travel and gifts.¬†

Without a doubt, Albania was 100% my favourite trip so far and I really recommend the country to anyone! It is a little hard to get by if you don’t know Albanian but in Tirana it is much easier to communicate than other more rural areas of Albania. I managed to get a direct flight from London Gatwick to Tirana very swiftly and reasonably priced so there is no excuse not to go!

Thank you Eni for such a meaningful and enjoyable trip!

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