New York, USA

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve wanted to see Times Square. In May of 2017, it became a reality. I was finishing up my year abroad in Massachusetts, so knew I just had to go see NYC. Stepping foot in Times Square confirmed all I had imagined. Bright lights. Plenty of people. Adverts around every corner. Live entertainment. Rows and rows of stores. The atmosphere kind of reminded me slightly of London Oxford Street, but so much more fun.

First things first, FOOD. One place near central Times Square I really recommend visiting is ‘Junior’s’, a place known for its cheesecake. The actual slices probably weigh like a kilo! I went with a classic strawberry cheesecake, which was delicious, but even I couldn’t finish the slice and that’s saying a lot! The cream cheese was a little too sweet…

Speaking of sweet, when I found out New York had a chocolate museum I was hooked. The place was called ‘Choco Story’ on Hudson Street. At the time of writing, tickets were 15 dollars. You’ll definitely get your money’s worth as there are plenty of “try me” boxes containing chocolate plus samples of freshly made truffles and hot cocoa. They also offer a chocolate making hands-on experience for an additional cost. Through the museum I found out so much about the history of chocolate, as you would expect from a museum, but did you know milk and sugar was only added to chocolate from 1800’s? Prior to this trip I certainly didn’t!

For lunch, first stop was ‘Joe’s Pizza’. The most perfect crust a pizza has ever seen, plus the right amount of cheese. Honestly, I think this was some of the best pizza I’ve tried in a long time. Later on in the day I also went to ‘Lombardy’s’. The sauce was a little more bitter than ‘Joe’s Pizza’, and the crust much thinner but I guess it depends on your pizza preferences. Lastly, I stopped by some ‘$1’ pizza stands. I didn’t know what to expect but I was actually quite surprised at how nice the pizza actually tasted? Moral of the story – Don’t disregard that budget pizza!

If I could explain every detail of my trip I would but I would be here for a long time, so let me just mention I also went to Central Park and got to see the Statue of Liberty, both places I enjoyed thoroughly. Next time I’m in NYC though, the first places I’m going to hit up are the huge department stores! Without a doubt.

Until then, see you in the next post

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