New York, USA

Ladies and Gentleman, best believe I fell in love with this city. 

Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to see Times Square and in May of 2017 it became a reality! I was finishing up my year abroad in America and knew I had to visit New York! I went by train from New Haven, CT with friends which took about two hours. The train arrives at Grand Central Station which is a dream itself, picture perfect and full of gloriously decorated platforms and eager tourists. A short walk to Times Square confirmed all I imagined. Bright lights. Full of people. Street dancers. Hustle and Bustle. The atmosphere kind of reminded me slightly of London Oxford Street but so much better. I think I fell in love when I saw the sign for McDonald’s because it felt so “American” and really confirmed I was standing in Times Square. 

One place near central Times Square I really recommend visiting is Junior’s which is a restaurant known for its cheesecake! Be warned! The slices are divine but portions are massive! The cheesecake probably weighs about a kilo! The prices ranged from 7 dollars to 10 dollars for a slice of cheesecake so at least you are getting your money’s worth  . .  I personally had a classic strawberry cheesecake because anyone who knows me personally will know I am obsessed with strawberries. It was delicious but the cream cheese was just a LITTLE too rich for my liking, even I couldn’t finish it and that is saying a lot!

Visiting New York meant I just had to see the Statue of Liberty! I was on a boat with friends which took us fairly close to the statue but not too close if you know what I mean! The boat itself was free. I believe the stop was on the south ferry which is reached by the subway! A pleasant ride all round because it isn’t too long but long enough to admire the statue from the waters.

Now, again if you know me personally you will know I have the largest sweet tooth! So when I found out New York had a chocolate museum I had to go! Tickets were 15 dollars so very affordable considering you can sample so much chocolate and take advantage of the “try me” boxes of chocolate plus there are samples of freshly made truffles and hot cocoa through demonstrations! The place was called “Choco Story” and is on Hudson street which truthfully felt like a little bit of a dodgy area but the museum itself is wonderful! The location is about 40 minutes walk to Times Square which I would know seeing as I completed this walk but you see so much on the way that it really doesn’t feel like you are walking long ! They also offer a chocolate making hands-on experience for an additional 30 dollars I believe, I would love to go back to do this! Through the museum I found out so much about the history of chocolate and how it is made, did you know milk and sugar was only added to chocolate from 1800’s? hehe fun fact. I am so glad it was added though because when I tried chocolate from just the cocoa bean and water I felt sickened by how bitter it was! sorry!

Did you even go to New York if you didn’t visit Central Park? This massive piece of green space is actually beautiful. Perfect lighting for pictures, plenty of unpredictable paths and a ton of pretty buildings, what is not to love? I climbed up to a little tower/castle which overlooked a large part of the city, it felt like the type of place people would propose at because it was so picturesque! I didn’t stay in Central Park for long as it was getting tired and my party and I were getting hungry but from what I saw it I really enjoyed exploring the park with a cool breeze and a dark sky.

New York, pizza is one of the things you associate the city with right? If not then it really should be! I was lucky enough to stuff my face with so much pizza it was truly amazing! First stop was Joe’s pizza ( I don’t know the exact location but it is next door to a popsicle place and is famous for its pizza in New York!) The slices literally were bigger than my face and trust me I have a big face . . . they cost about 3 dollars and honestly I think this was some of the best pizza I had tried in a long time, the crust is perfect and there is the right amount of cheese. Next up was another famous pizza place- Lombardy’s! Ok so this place is also heavily known for its pizza, the restaurant itself felt kind of simplistic considering the prices eg. paper plates and cups but the pizza is what really does the talking. The sauce is a little more bitter and the crust is thinner than Joe’s but you can tell so much effort goes into the pizza, whilst it is expensive it defo is worth a visit because everything just tasted so fresh! Lastly, I actually have to praise a little 99 cent pizza pop up shop near Grand Central. Again I know I am probably not being helpful but I have no idea where the location was as it was discovered whilst walking. For a dollar you can get your hands on some magical pizza trust me! Guys I am going as far as to say it was better than all the (plain cheese) pizza I have ever had in my years. I have not idea what was inside it but the crust was so fluffy and it wasn’t oily! I hate oily pizza and this pizza certainly wasn’t. I am 100% simple when it comes to pizza and I was blown away by how tasty this was I regret not buying another slice (or 5 to be honest) so moral of the story, don’t be afraid to try budget pizza!

If I could explain every detail of my trip I would but I would be here for a very long time, so I am just going to skip to things I wish I knew about the city. Ok first of all beware of all the scam ticket sellers for comedy shows which I learnt about the hard way. The line-up isn’t genuine, you have to buy a minimum of two drinks and the location looks like a basement. Second, be ready for the high taxes on everything in the city and thirdly, be careful when people try to get money from you through false advertising. The people dressed up in costumes wanting to take a pic with you? yeah they want money after. The guy drawing portraits for only 5 dollars? pretty sure he didn’t mention a PAPER frame was 25 dollars additional. Just be savvy guys

I would love to visit New York again! This time to see some cute vintage markets and good places for shopping!

Anyone know any places to add to my wish-list?

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