Little Rock, Arkansas

It has been a while (Thanks professors for putting all my papers on the same day)

But . . . over thanksgiving break I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to meet my online best friend in her hometown of Arkansas, I had never been to the south before so it was very exciting!

To be honest, Arkansas is so different to what I am used to, even the city feels so rural and then when I went to the countryside I felt like I was in the middle of nowhere . . However I experienced southern hospitality which is really a thing as well as saw my first alligator and also rode my first golf cart!

Not to mention I spent my first ever thanksgiving with my best friend and her family surrounded by lots of delicious southern food.

It was an amazing experience to spend a week in the south because I could compare how different it was to north America! The south is less developed I felt however it was a lovely atmosphere and my British accent gave me a lot of advantages!

I spent time with my best friend by shopping, eating in a lot of southern food chains which was truly delicious and also meeting her family, I also managed to find a coat that was sold out in the north so I was super content! but I brought back so much stuff I nearly wasn’t able to carry everything on to the plane . ..  .  oh I never learn. I also experienced my first Black Friday! It was hectic but so worth it! Shout out to all those free coupons and Sephora gift cards though!

They do not have direct flights from Boston to Little Rock airport so I had to stop at Chicago via a connection flight which was the most stressful thing in all my life as I was only given 10 minutes between my flights! I WILL NEVER TAKE A STOP OVER FLIGHT AGAIN! However it took about 1.5 hours each way so wasn’t too long on the plane ( I personally really like airports so being on a plane is never a problem for me) 

  • Worth visiting? The reason I went was to see my Best Friend however would I visit again if my friend wasn’t living there? For the experience yes however it’s not exactly a holiday or tourist location
  • Affordable? Flights from state to state are so expensive so no it’s not affordable however I was lucky all my food was provided and paid for during my week-long trip by my friend and her lovely family
  • Any downsides? I can’t think of any in my personal experience as I went to see my friend!

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