Salem, Massachusetts

I was so lucky that one of my friends offered to take me to Salem the day before Halloween! Salem is one of New England’s oldest towns and was known for its witch trials way back in time. It took about two hours to get to and it got really busy so if you are visiting around autumn pleaseeeeeee go early.

Ok, first of all to describe it I would say, if you have seen that classic Scooby Doo film “The Witch’s Ghost” that is exactly what Salem feels like (yes I really did say that) . People dress up. People try to scare you and the whole town is decorated to match the atmosphere of the place.

I went inside the house of House of Gables, I think it was called? It was based on Hawthorne’s Scarlett Letter for all you literature nerds out there hehe, it is 11 dollars to go inside if you say you are under 18 like I did . . . I got lucky haha.

I also went to see the graveyards and the memorials of Salem as well as see the harbor of all the boats which was beyond picturesque, if you are ever in Massachusetts I would certainly recommend going!

  • Worth visiting? Yes if you are going through the state and especially in October! They go all out for Halloween
  • Affordable? ¬†You don’t have to pay to go in the town but you have to pay to see everything although there is a lot of free stuff to check out such as the memorials. The harbor parking is so expensive tho!
  • Any downsides? FOOD IS GROSS SORRY and kinda limited¬†

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