Fenway Park, Boston

So on the first of October I headed out to Boston, more specifically Fenway Park, to watch my first baseball game. It had to happen right! I was lucky that it was part of a school organisation so transport was included but I definitely wasn’t lucky with the weather . . I watched the whole game in the rain, oh the dedication.

Upon arrival, the stadium kind of feels like a mini festival, food stalls everywhere and people running around full of excitement dressed head to toe in merchandise with the occasional foam finger trailing on the ground. I was in awe, the fried cinnamon dough, the greasy fried chicken, the guy juggling on stilts covered in face paint, everything . .

Okay so the stadium grounds had half a roof covering the seating and half-open, for this reason I was soaked by the end of the game. I would have preferred to have sat further back but it becomes harder to see the match as screens showing the game were not in place. Instead the score board dominated the screen which can be kind of confusing if you haven’t made yourself familiar with the rules of the game.

Ticket prices were around 30 dollars for the seats I was in, which was grandstand 6 and row 1, this was in the middle more or less but towards the back so I couldn’t see the players. The game I attended seemed to have much sentiment attached to it as it was one of the player’s last games (David “Papi” Ortiz) and the crowd appeared to be going crazy.

I felt completely part of the American atmosphere, everyone felt united and there was such good spirits all round.

Kind of sad I didn’t get to buy anything as a souvenir but it was way too pricey to even get a key chain, oh the struggles of being a full-time student. I wouldn’t go to another game because I found it a little long-winded but perhaps this was because I wasn’t able to understand the game properly. Nonetheless the vibe was worth the visit and despite the win of the Toronto Blue Jays, energy was high.

It took about two hours driving to get to the stadium from Umass Amherst and the game lasted around 3 hours, there were lots of mini breaks in between but there was not one large half-time break so plan in advance if you need to do something during the game as the transitions are very swift into the next round.

  • Worth visiting? Yes for the experience alone
  • Affordable? Yes, if you are not too fussed about the position of your seat you can see a game for around 30 dollars, but bring food! food is crazy expensive¬†
  • Any downsides? the rain and the expensive prices but this is a given with money-making attractions.

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