Pedraza, Spain

During my trip to Segovia, I stopped at Pedraza which is a small medieval village with a lot of history.

Just walking around and looking at the village felt as if I had been placed into another era, all buildings remained un-restored to uphold the past of the village. With a population of less than 500 people, it is clear Pedraza has become a tourist hotspot as no locals live in the village except those working there for tourism purposes. The centre used to be a bull-fighting ring with the traditional gates still intact, with a small restaurant to the side boasting traditional Spanish delicacies.

Further along into the village are a few historical buildings that are open to the public, although I didn’t get the chance to go inside so can’t comment on this. The village feels empty and there are just a few small tourist shops and a bakery towards the middle of the village.

My tour guide mentioned that there is only one official entrance and exit to the village so it is easy to get lost here! It feels like a maze walking through streets that appear very similar but once you reach the top of one of the many hills, the view is beautiful.

I didn’t spend long here but the village felt so isolated compared to nearby locations, very touristy and empty but surreal at the same time. I had never seen anything quite like it before. One day of exploring is enough time for this village but it is worth seeing to get a glimpse into a completely different lifestyle.

  • Worth checking out? Totally!
  • Affordable? I travelled as part of a trip so can’t say but the restaurants in the village were expensive as you can imagine.
  • Any downsides? It was really empty and I barely saw people.

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