Valladolid, Spain

Prior to my trip to Valladolid, I knew very little about it. I went to attend a Spanish school for a week in order to improve my level of the language and in my free time I went to explore the city with the help of friends, classmates and tour guides.

I was lucky that my accommodation was close to the city (I stayed next door to the bus station, 2 minutes from the train station and 8 minutes from the city) so I always had something to see.

The first place I visited was Campo Grande, a beautiful natural park in the middle of the city with peacocks walking around yes really! It is located directly next to the water fountain shown in one of the pictures attached. It felt like a jungle at times with all the swans and birds and chickens just walking along next to people but it was surreal, especially a kind of pond that had boat trips across it to see the wildlife.

I also  visited many cathedrals and museums and one thing that stood out was the very detailed architecture of each building. Of course I dedicated a large part of my trip shopping and I did this in Plaza Mayor and Vallsur shopping mall.

I had such a wonderful experience in the school itself and met so many people who made my trip so memorable! As for the city itself, it wasn’t for me personally. I felt very isolated and there is only so much historical architecture I could look at, Also I found it very disappointing I couldn’t find Paella . . ¬†.

  • Worth checking out? Not really for youths, although it isn’t fair from Madrid by train ( 1 hour) if you did want to visit for a day
  • Affordable? I had to fly to Madrid which wasn’t too expensive but transport to Valladolid itself was very expensive ( 80 euros just on transport) plus restaurants in Valladolid seemed expensive
  • Any downsides? Where is the Paella at?!

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