Segovia, Spain

I went to Segovia for one day during my stay in Valladolid with my classmates. It is around 2 hours by bus and totally worth visiting!

Annoyingly I can’t remember the name of one of the castles visited but it looked exactly like a Disney style castle and looked so beautiful on the outside (I didn’t get to look inside) and the views were breathtaking. Segovia is perfect for people who love to look at castles, churches and architecture as the city is full of it.

I didn’t try the local delicacy of Cochinillo ( Roasted baby pig) but I made sure I had enough tortilla de gambas to last me a good few months! ( It’s like a potato cake made with eggs and onion, mine had prawns in it too) Also I had endless frozen yogurt which was seriously refreshing on such a warm day.

Other places worth checking out are the central square which has a lot of markets where you can find food, pastries, cakes, books, souvenirs and pottery. I actually brought myself ‘Beauty and the Beast’ in Spanish hehehehe I couldn’t resist!  

  • Worth checking out? Yes for a day out 
  • Affordable? I would say not really as most museums required a fee and eating is expensive in this city
  • Any downsides? It was quite tricky to get to

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