Venice, Italy

Venice is like you imagine it to be from the pictures. The gondalas, the souvenir masks, the punters, the ice-cream and the culture.

In all honesty, the only way I can describe the city is by saying it is filled with natural beauty and feels cozy. It seems that very little has been changed over the years which is why it still feels local yet oh so touristy at the exact same time.

However I have to be honest, Venice seemed too perfect for me. I prefer busy cities with a lot to explore and take in.

It is very easy to get confused in Venice as I felt there were a lot of dead ends and places which looked very similar so it become almost a competition to find places we hadn’t already walked across . .  However there is a boat trip which takes you to various mini islands where you can hop on and off to look at and this was certainly something I enjoyed and I really recommend it as you can see different things without worrying about how to get back. The islands were known for certain things, for example one island was dedicating to glass blowing and I witnessed vases and statues being made from glass.

I don’t know if I needed more time to properly look around the city but one thing for sure, when it was time to head back to England I wasn’t exactly complaining. Venice is perfect for couples as it is really pretty but in all honesty I found it a little boring . . .

  • Worth checking out? Not much to do for young people .  .
  • Affordable? Not really, flights are around £80 return but transport in Venice is expensive plus if you want to go punting around the city or take a boat trip to the islands it will set you back a lot of euros ( But I really recommend doing so)
  • Any downsides? It was a little boring for me personally . . . 

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