Rome, Italy

Rome is one of those places where I can never get bored looking at the same locations and same monuments. I first went to Rome last May. 

Obviously those who know me will know I have the biggest sweet tooth in existence so the first thing I did was hit up a local supermarket and spent an hour eyeing up all the biscuits and sweets hehe.

With my arms full of sweet treats I ( stupidly) jumped onto the nearest metro to roam around all the tourist destinations such as the Coliseum ( All of my food melted which really annoyed me as I was stuck with it all day instead of leaving it in my accommodation)

When I arrived at the station ” Termini” I was obsessed! It has so many shops underneath and so many little cafes and restaurants, the Coliseum is really close by and you can’t miss it as it is right outside one of the nearby stations.

To be honest I didn’t look inside as the queues really put me off however I looked around it quickly then left to find shade ( it was May, scorching hot, and I had heavy bags, along with the fact I don’t cope with extreme heat very well) I was seeking a shopping mall and unfortunately, I didn’t find a big shopping mall as everyone I asked seemed to point me to different directions so I got a little lost and felt a bit overwhelmed when a guy dressed as a gladiator comes up to me asking me for a picture .  . . the tourist locations of Rome certainly go all out.

I think the reason I went back to Rome almost two weeks later was because ROME IS MASSIVE. I felt like even though I spent all day walking, I didn’t really experience the culture that much. So my second time in Rome I chose to stay with students in an area about 40 minutes away from where I stayed initially. It was a quieter area with more locals however the evening was what I imagined Italy to be like. People were out walking, laughing, sharing food and smiling in almost every park or bench near my accommodation so I felt very welcome. I met a French actress who showed me around ( she was staying in my accommodation!) and we bonded over our similar lives (Not the actress part obviously)

Okay one thing worth mentioning, Rome has two airports and Ciampino, I think it is called, is tiny! So if you are planning on going here then just take into account timing as if you get there too early you will be bored out of your mind. My flight was delayed and I had to wait 6 hours( !) in an airport with only 3 shops . .  there is only so much pasta and perfume you can look at in duty-free lol

Rome is an amazing place to go with friends as there is so much to explore! Weirdly it is so much fun getting lost and seeing where the roads just take you.

  • Worth checking out? Yes as there is a lot to see and do, perfect for all
  • Affordable? Yes, flights start from £50 return and the metro is 7 euros for all day unlimited
  • Any downsides? Solo travelers might be a little vulnerable as I quickly found out


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