Rome, Italy

Rome is a special one for me, as it’s the place where I took my first solo-trip. I guess you could say Rome inspired me to solo-travel the world. This documentation isn’t from my first solo-experience, but more so the second time I visited.

For some ridiculous reason, the very first thing I decided to do when I arrived in Rome was to hit up the local supermarket and stock up on every single sweet snack I could find. I still don’t know why I felt the need to purchase half the candy aisle but it happened. With my arms full of sweet treats I, stupidly, grabbed the nearest metro to roam around all the tourist destinations, like the notorious ‘Colosseum’. What I should have done was drop of all the food I had at my accommodation, but instead I let it melt in the summer whilst exploring. Sigh.

‘Termini” is the station I stopped at, as the Colosseum isn’t too far from it. To be honest I didn’t go inside as the queues really put me off, however I know I’ll return to Rome again at some point. I think the reason I first went back to Rome was because there was so much to see and do. Even though I spent most of my day walking around, I still felt like I didn’t tick off everything I set out for. The main thing I wanted was to experience local culture. On my return to Rome, I stayed with students in an Air BnB. It was a quieter area with more locals out and about. Exactly what I wanted to experience. My first host was lovely but there was a strong language barrier so being around students helped me to communicate more. As a result, I felt less lonely. With the students I was staying with, they all took me under their wing and invited me to every social event they attended. It was lovely bonding with everyone.

In general, one thing worth mentioning is that Rome has two airports. Ciampino is absolutely tiny so if you’re planning on going here then just take into account timing. If you get here too early you’ll be bored out of your mind. My flight was delayed so I had to wait 6 hours in an airport with only 3 shops…There is only so much pasta and perfume you can browse in duty-free lol.

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